Mormon History, Mar 11, 1845

-- Mar 11, 1845
[Council of Fifty Members] Daniels, Cyrus (1803-1846). Admitted 11 March 1845. (1)

-- Mar 11, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] In the Council of Fifty all day. Cyrus Daniels was admitted a member. The subject of writing letters to the Governor's and a number of other subjects were discussed. The subject of the movements of the mob was talked over and it was considered best for those who are hunted with writs to go on Missions so that we may if possible evade the blow until we can finish the Temple and the Nauvoo House. It was also decided that the workmen on the walls of the Temple commence tomorrow. (2)

-- Mar 12, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] William Player began the working season on the temple. (3)

[Newspaper] - Story: "Remarks" of Col. Backenstos in the House of Representatives -- Editorial -- Synopsis and outline of Backenstos remarks concerning the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter.

- Announcement: Copyright of the Book of Mormon Secured -- Editorial -- Discusses the approval of the copyright of the Book of Mormon.

- Letter to the Editor: Nauvoo Concert Series -- Signed, "L.O.L." -- Describes the recent concert in the music hall, and states how great it was. (4)

William Marks: Left Nauvoo about 12 March 1845. (5)

-- Mar 12, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] On Wednesday, the 12th of march, Brother William W. Player commenced work again on the walls. He got one stone up just as the bell rung for dinner. (6)

[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday March 12. At the office all day copying Records of the Kingdom (6)

-- Mar 14, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] The only fatal accident occurred during the Temple's construction when Moses Horn was struck on the head by a stone and killed, while blasting rock in the Temple Stone Quarry. (3)

-- Mar 14, 1845, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 14th. Brother Whitney tells me today that he has notified Margaret to go an receive her washings and annointing at the same time Ruth does. This makes my heart rejoice. I had heard of it on wednesday but not officially. Truly God is kind to me. (6)

[William Clayton Writings] Friday March 14. At the Office all day chiefly recording records of the Kingdom (6)

[William Clayton Writings] On Friday, the 14th, there was a man killed on the stone quarry by a stone falling on his head while the brethern were blasting rocks. This is the only accident of any moment that has ever happened on the temple or any of the works connected with it. (6)

-- Mar 15, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] The Twelve and the Temple Committee decided to build a new drain for the new font, keep the three cranes in operation, as well as to erect a wall on the south side of the temple block.

Sisters Mary Smith and Mercy Rachel Thompson published a notice, requesting that all sisters who were holding funds in the penny subscription to forward the money to them, saying that the drive had collected over $1000. (3)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Alexander Neibaur on March 15, 1845]

A blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Alexander son of Nathan and Rebecca Neibaur, born Jan 8, 1808, Ehrenbreitenstein, Prussia, Europe,

Brother Alexander I lay my hands upon thy head by the authority vested in me to bless the fatherless and seal on thee the blessings of a father, thou art of the house of Abraham and through the lineage of Judah, and thou art called to preach the gospel to gentile and Jew and thou shalt be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in bringing many of thy brethren of the house of Judah to a knowledge of salvation through a crucified Savior, which they have so long rejected, thou shalt go forth as a mighty man, thou shalt break down the prejudices of thy brethren the Jews, through thy teaching the scales of darkness shall fall from their eyes, and of thou shalt [bring] thousands into the waters of baptism, and they shall rejoice exceedingly, and shout praises to God and the Lamb for their deliverance, the Lord is well pleased with thee, because thou hast willingly suffered for the cause of Christ, and thou has left thy father's house and thy brethren in obedience in the commandmen
ts of the most High in the mist of persecution and He will multiply blessings upon thy head and thy posterity, and they shall increase and become mighty and powerful, and no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that is raised against them shall be condemned in the day of judgement, for thy God keeps thee and thine near him to defend thy cause, but inasmuch as thou hast experienced poverty thou shalt be rich even satisfied with the fruits of thy earth and the riches of eternity shall be witheld from thee, thy days and years shall be multiplied upon thy head according to the desire of thy heart, shall stand in the earth when the Savior sets his foot upon the Mount of Olive and behold all the glory and power which shall be manifested that day, shall see with thine eyes and hear with thine ears the joy manifested among the Jews, when they acknowledge the Savior who was wounded in the house of his friends, inasmuch Bro. Neibaur as thy faith does not f
ail everyone of this blessing shall be fulfilled with every desire of thy heart, for I seal it upon thee, thy posterity in common with thy companion by the authority of the Holy Priesthood Amen. (7)

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