Mormon History, Mar 17, 1845, Monday

-- Mar 17, 1845, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday March 17. At the office all day chiefly copying records of the Kingdom (1)

-- Mar 18, 1845
[Council of Fifty Members] Spencer, Daniel (1794-1868). Was voted in 1 March 1845. Admitted 18 March 1845. (2)

While on a mission in England Apostle Wilford Woodruff dreams "a rattle snake bit me on the ancle. I pulled him off squoze him to death & much poison came out of his mouth. The interpretation is when we arrive in Edinborough I shall be opposed by the presiding elder for appointing Br Banks to preside over that branch of the Church & conference." (3)

-- Mar 18, 1845, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] Tuesday March 18. 1845. In the Council of Fifty all day. D. Spencer was admitted a member. The subject of the Western mission was most on hand, and all seem interested fully in it. (1)

-- Mar 19, 1845
[Newspaper] - Letter to the Editor: Nauvoo Rebuilds -- R.A. Mechanic -- Letter describing the resiliency of the Saints, and the way that Nauvoo continues to flourish in spite of opposition.

- Story: Word from the Society Islands -- Editorial -- States that the missionary work, begun by Elder Pratt, continues to flourish.

- Story: "The Islands of the Pacific" -- Editorial -- Describes the missionary work of the Saints on the Isles of the Sea.

- Announcement: Death and Obituary -- Signed, "A.C.B." -- Asa Works (83, Lingering Sickness). (4)

-- Mar 19, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday March 19, 1845. P.M. copying records of the Kingdom. (1)

-- Mar 20, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday evening prayer circle meeting of "the holly order" at Joseph B. Noble's house . (5)

-- Mar 20, 1845, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] Thursday March 20. 1845. At the office all day. A.M. recording tithings, afterwards copying records of the Kingdom. (1)

-- Mar 21, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting of "the Holy order" at Joseph B. Noble's house; second anointing for Heber C. Kimball and Sarah Ann Whitney (Smith, Kingsbury, Kimball), and for Brigham Young and Lucy Decker (Seeley, Young) . (5)

-- Mar 22, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d + This was an interesting day to our feelings in visiting the splended city of Edin-borough. We first visited Edinburgh castle. Went through each appartment of it the Armoury, Scotish Regalia, Crown room. We had a splended view of the city & surrounding Country for many miles from the castle. The rock itself composed of basalt is elevated 383 feet above the level of the sea & is accessable ownly on the eastern side all the others being nearly Perpendicular.

The Castle is of great antiquity & has been held as a fortress from the earliest times. In 1093 it was besieged by Donald Bane Brother to king Malcolm. It was taken by the English 1296, retaken & demolished by Randolph 1313 Rebuilt by Edward third, surprised by Wm. Douglas 1341, And by Albany 1482. Taken by the Regent from Queen Mary 1573 taken by Cromwell 1650 And by Wm. III 1689. The scotish Regalia are kept in the castle. They were placed there in 1707. They were discoverd in an oaken Chest in the Crown room in 1818. This is King Davids Crown the first King of Scotland.

I also visited the celebrated peice of artillery Called Mons Meg cast at Mons in Flansders. It was used in the siege of Norham & after wards burst in firing a salute to the Duke of York Placed on the esplamade of the castle on his visit to the castle in 1682. It was forged in AD 1486 out of large bars of Iron. Its weight was 7 1/2 tons. Carried 268 Pound shot. The bore was 20 inches & length fifteen feet.

After visiting the Armery & each apartment of the castle & taking splended views of the surrounding country we took our departure for other portions of the city. We saw the old house whare John Knox was born May 2d 1505 And Died Nov 24 1572.

+ We next visited the Palace of Holy rood. It occupies the site of an Abbey which was founded by David I in 1128 & was one of the richest religious esstablishments in Scotland. In the Chapel were deposited the remains of David II, James II, Prince Arthur, third son of James IV, James V, Magdalen his Queen, Arthur, second son of James V, And Henry Darnley.

The ruins of what is now Called the Chapel Royal are worthy of a visit. The Picture gallerry which is 156 feet long by 27 1/2 wide and 20 feet high contains the portrats of the Scotish monarchs. In the Palace are preserved several relics of the unfortunate Queen Mary of Scotts. I saw her work box visited her bedroom saw her bed, & furniture the chair she occupied when married, visited her dresing room all of which was hung with the most splended ancient tapestry. I saw the hiding Place occupied by Lord Darnly & others when they murdered David Rizzio Mary's musician. I saw the Armoury Lord Darnley wore when he murdered him. I saw the Place whare he fell & the Stain of the blood yet remaining. I put Lord Darnly Steel head dress on which was waity.

We visited each appartment of this Palace of Kings, the State room of George the 4th & his Throne, his Painting in his highland Dress by David Wilkey. I saw the bones of the Kings in the vault piled up to gether. Comwell took away their coffins & left their bones scattered upon the ground. I saw A peace of oak containing the arms of Scotland Cut out in AD 1128 being 717 years of age & in a good state of preservation.

After visiting each appartment of the palace we all Called upon one of the brethren & took Dinner, after which we visited other portions of the City. Sir Walter Scotts Monument is a splendid specimin of art. We saw the Scotch Gientess as we passed along. I spent the night with Br Henry McEwan No 2 High Rigs. Distance of the day 12 m. (6)

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