Mormon History, Feb 28, 1845

-- Feb 28, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple saw the trustees all things going well visited Br Truman Angel and Mother Angel and Br Woodards folks in the evening (1)

-- Feb 28, 1845, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] ``The State of Illinois has severed from us every tie that could possibly bind us to them as a government,'' he protested in his journal on February 28, ``and as a last mark of their vengeance they have taken away our charter and left us open to the enemy without the least shield of law to protect us.'' The Masonic lodge, too, had taken away its charter from Nauvoo, thus breaking another bond with the people of the state, ``so that every tie is gone, and we can now rely on the arm of Jehovah alone for protection and safety from our enemies.'' His next statement was an even more extreme assessment of their relationship with the world around them, but it nevertheless reflected the feelings of many Mormons that they were no longer able to support a government that had seemingly allowed so much wrong to come upon them. ``We are an independent people claiming n o aliance with any of the kingdoms of the earth. We are hunted and oppressed something like th
e Lamanites were on the first settlement of the United States by the whites. The mobs are continually getting out writs for the best of our men and seem determined to blot us out from the face of the earth.'' His hope, however, lay in the belief that ``the kingdom is the Lords and he will do as seemeth him good though all the world boil over.''

...Clayton at least reflected the unity of the Saints as he wrote of their ``determination to let no more men be dragged out of our midst to be massacred, but if we cannot have protection from the laws of the land we will seek it from the great God and his people.'' (2)

-- Feb 29, 1845
[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #15. Clarissa Cutler (Kimball Fletcher), 1824-1852; 1 child: Abraham Alonzo (1846-1889). (3)

-- Mar 1, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Saterday March 1th 1845 this day I cauld the councel of 50 together admited of som others taking seats in the room of absent members Brs J. D. Lee & J. Pack seated, we had a good meeting it lasts all day. (1)

[Council of Fifty Members] Dana, Lewis (1805-1885). Admitted 1 March 1845. Dropped after 1848. (4)

[Council of Fifty Members] Foster, Lucien R. (1806). Admitted 1 March 1845. Dropped 12 November 1846. (4)

[Council of Fifty Members] Morley, Isaac (1786-1865). Was voted in 1 March 1845. (4)

[Council of Fifty Members] Pack, John (1809-1885). Admitted 1 March 1845. Released due to old age 24 June 1882. (4)

Lucy Mack Smith, Joseph Smith's mother, signs a published statement in support of the succession claim of James J. Strang. On his 38th birthday Apostle Wilford Woodruff learns of a plan by apostate John Greenhow to make printing plates for the Doctrine and Covenants "to bring the plates to England to Print the work here [England] & get the copyright secured so that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints could not Print them." (5)

Albert P Rockwood: Council of Fifty 1 Mar. 1845 (6)

John E Page: Council of Fifty 1 Mar. 1845 (6)

-- Mar 1, 1845. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] At 10 A.M. met at the Seventies Hall in the Council of Fifty. The following brethren were taken into fill up the Quorum viz; Joseph Young, John E. Page, David Fullmer, Theodore Turley, Albert P. Rockwood, Jonathan Dunham, and Lucien R. Foster. They subscribed to the laws of the Council and covenanted before God with uplifted hands to maintain all things inviolate agreeable to the order of the Council. Brothers Daniel Spencer, Isaac Morley, and Shadrack Roundy were selected to make up the number of 50 but they were absent and sick. Brother John Pack was admitted to sit in the place of Wilford Woodruff, John D. Lee in the place of Ezra Thayer, and Lewis Dana in place of Amos Fielding they being absent [] on business. Lewis Dana is a Lamanite of the Oneida nation and the First Lamanite who has been admitted a member of any Quorum of the Church.

The object of the Council was to decide whether we shall send out a company of men with Brother Dana to fill Josephs measures originally adopted in this Council by going West to seek out a location and a home where the Saints can dwell in peace and health and where they can erect the ensign and standard of liberty for the nations, and live by the laws of God without being oppressed and mobbed under a tyrannical government, without protection from the laws. Many able speeches were made on the subject and the Council finally agreed to send out a company with Brother Dana to accomplish this important object. The following brethren were selected and appointed by unanimous vote of the Council, for this mission, viz. Samuel Bent to be the first man and president of the Mission, Jonathan Dunham next, Cyrus Daniels, Daniel Spencer, John S. Fullmer, Charles Shumway, Albert Garrington and John W. Farnham. These brethren are expected to start immediately after Conference and proceed f
rom tribe to tribe, to unite the Lamanites and find a home for the saints. The Council adjourned in the midst of the best kind of feelings. (7)

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