Mormon History, Mar 26, 1845. Wednesday.

-- Mar 26, 1845. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...I am a perfect slave to them all the while. I have as much work to receive the tithings for the Temple as an ordinary penman could keep up with, but more than this I spend about 3 and 4 days a week in council and recording records of the kingdom. I have also spent day after day writing brother Kimball's journal for the press, besides writing letters and attending to a multitude of contingent business. I have two dollars a day for six days in the week and spend near every sabbath for no compensation. Other men who don't do half the work have a great deal more money and good property for their comfort than I have and they seem to be extolled to the skies. The church has given me a poor lot for an inheritance but they have also given other men better lots who work no harder than I do and have more money to sport in. (1)

-- Mar 27, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] William Player placed the final "trumpet stone" of the sunstone capital, all thirty capitals were in place. He also laid the first stringer for the large upper venetian window on the east wall. (2)

Orson Pratt: Sealed to Mary Ann Merrill 27 March 1845. Five children: Milando, Vianna, Oradine, Lathilla, and Valton. (3)

-- Mar 27, 1845, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] On Thursday, the 27th of March, 1845, Brother Player put up the last trumpet stone, at about three o'clock, p.m. He also laid the first stringer for the large upper Venetian window in the east side. (4)

[William Clayton Writings] Thursday March 27, 1845 ... At the Office all day copying records of the Kingdom (4)

-- Mar 28, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] went to Br Packs took supper there was a bout 90 took suppor (5)

George Albert Smith: Sealed to Zilpha Stark 28 March 1845. Three children: Zilpha Adelaide, Joseph, and Mary Amelia. (3)

Lyman Wight: With about one hundred fifty others, left Wisconsin 28 March 1845, traveling down Mississippi for Texas. (3)

-- Mar 28, 1845, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 28th. ... Sister Whitney went to attend to anointing my wife and Magaret but was again prevented through Sarah Ann not being there in season. (4)

[William Clayton Writings] On March 28, 1845, for example, he played with the band at a party at the mansion house, and he was accompanied by three wives. Margaret Moon and Diantha Farr were not publicly known to be his wives, but since they were all friends anyway this did not look peculiar and it was Clayton's way of making sure all his wives had as good a social life as possible. He loved such times and as a member of the band was frequently part of the entertainment. (4)

-- Mar 29, 1845
Meeting of the Anointed Quorum; Margaret Moon (Clayton) and Ruth Moon (Clayton) were anointed and endowed . (6)

-- Mar 30, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Sunday I went to the stand made preparations for the conference (5)

[Brigham Young Sermon] President B. Young followed [Almond Babbitt] and said men ought not to scratch themselves to death in trying to carry their will into effect before they have power, which is knowledge. A mechanic could make any kind of mechanism when he knew how but not before. [Nauvoo, Illinois - Autobiography of John Brown p57] (7)

-- Mar 31, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] I received a letter from F. Craig mo ---- (5)

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