Mormon History, Jan 27, 1845

-- Jan 27, 1845
The Illinois legislature repeals Nauvoo's city charter. Brigham Young responds on Apr 7 by renaming the community "The City of Joseph." On Apr 16 he uses the general incorporation law of Illinois to protect the temple, Nauvoo House, and other public buildings by creating a one-mile-square "Town of Nauvoo." (1)

The Illinois legislature repeals Nauvoo's city charter, leaving the community without any municipal organizations or police protection. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1845. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...P.M. talked with S[ara] A[nn] and Brother Whitney who reminded me of some items of law which proves that M[argaret] cannot get away unless I break the covenant. I talked with M[argaret] again and told her these things and she seems more satisfied. (3)

-- Jan 28, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th I spent the day at home draying off one of my Journals. (4)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple herd a letter from Wm. P. Richards, Macumb concerning emagration to some other place (5)

[Nauvoo Temple] The Church issued circulars with the names of agents who were to collect funds of the Temple. (6)

-- Jan 28, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the office all day. Talked with Brother Kimball, who confirmed Brother Whitneys remarks and is of the same mind. He said he will converse with A[aron] and show him that he is handling edge tools, for it cannot go down in as much as I hold more authority than he does.

. . . At 11 o'clock President Young, H. C. Kimball, J. Taylor, N. K. Whitney, Geo. Miller, Elias Smith, R. Cahoon and myself (who are members of the Council of fifty) also John E. Page (not a member) went up into the council room...At noon I told M[argaret] what Brother Kimball said and she seems to feel much better. (3)

-- Jan 29, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29th I spent the day at home writing in my Journal. (4)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple had a councel with the trustes & community I think good will result from it came to Elders Kimballs assisted him to prepare his journal for the paper Br Kimball named his son Brigham Willard & I Blesed him (5)

The Quorum of Twelve votes to exempt apostles, two general bishops, and the Nauvoo Temple Committee from the obligation to pay tithing. The Illinois State Legislature votes to repeal the Nauvoo City Charter. In the preceding debate Governor Ford had admitted that its privileges had been much abused, but urged the legislators to amend the charter rather than to repeal it: "This is republican and cannot be denied without injustice," he said. "I do not see how ten or twelve thousand people can well do in a city without some chartered privileges." However, after considerable debate, the assembly revokes the city charter in its entirety by a bipartisan vote of twenty-five to fourteen in the Senate and seventy-five to thirty-one in the House. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Story: "Illinois Legislature - Repeal of the Nauvoo Charter" -- Editorial -- Discusses the recent repeal of the Nauvoo Charter by the Illinois Legislature.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" -- Editorial -- States that the meeting last week was not published, but all is well in the Trades Meetings.

- Letter to the Editor: Gov. Ford and the Illinois Legislature -- W. Trow Ridge -- Discusses Governor Ford's role in the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter.

- Poetry: "The Seer" - Dedicated to Brigham Young -- John Taylor -- Poem written to be read at the dedication of the Seventy's Hall, and dedicated to "President Brigham Young."

- Letter to the Editor: Trip to St. Louis - Meeting with the Saints There -- Orson Hyde -- Describes his trip to St. Louis and his meeting with the Saints there.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Sylvester Dazette (17), Chloe Spencer (20, Inflammation of the Lungs), Anna Fifield (41, Numb Palsy), Julia Ann Sessions (29, Consumption). (7)

-- Jan 30, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday prayer circle meeting; anointing and endowment for Joseph B. Noble, Zina D. Huntington (Jacobs, Smith, Young), and--probably also on this date--Mary Elizabeth Rollins (Lightner, Smith) . Between 30 January and 20 March, Sylvia P. Sessions (Lyon, Smith, Kimball), Harriet Page Wheeler (Decker), and Mary A. Be(a)man (Noble) were anointed and endowed . (8)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30th I spent the day at home writing in my Journal. Elder Clark left today for a mission. (4)

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