Mormon History, 9-Jan* 1845

-- 9-Jan* 1845
[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Story: "Stealing" - John Brannon's Robbery -- Editorial -- Describes the crime, and imprisonment of John Brannon, who posed as a member of the Church to steal from the Saints.

- Reprinted Story: "Another Mormon Expose" - The St. Louis Republican -- The St. Louis Republican -- Presents a negative view of the Saints, originally printed in the St. Louis Republican.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" - Satisfactory Report -- John Taylor -- Describes the progress on their plan to place a dam in the Mississippi River.

- Story: "Mormonism in London" -- Editorial -- Provides a sketch of life in London for the Saints.

- Story: "Seventies Library Meeting" -- C.A. Smith -- Presents the byelaws and the information about the Seventies Library and Institute Association.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" - Synopsis -- D.M. Ripsher -- Describes the Trades Meeting.

- Announcement: "Notice to the Nauvoo Legion" - Rearmament -- B. Young -- Instructs the Legion to begin rearmament.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Jonathan Hampton (33, Inflammation), Eliza Brown (11, Black Canker), Harriet N. Nurse (17). (1)

-- Jan 9, 1845
Thirty-year-old William Clayton writes of his fifth wife, Diantha Farr, on their the day of their wedding which occurred at Diantha's parent's house, "The question was asked of everyone present, did they freely give her up, and they all signified their willingness by saying they had no objections. There was Present Winslow Farr her father and his wife. . . .She [Diantha] was born in the town of Charleston Orleans County State of Vermont on the twelfth of Oct 1828 making her 16 years old last Oct." (2)

-- Jan 9, 1845, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] May she never violate her covenant, but may she with her companion realize to the full all the blessings promised. And may there never [be] the first jar or unkind feeling towards each other exist to all eternity 53 is thy prayer of thy servant William O Lord and may it be ever so Amen. We had a very pleasant interview and parted about 8½ o clock. (3)

[William Clayton Writings] Sunday 12th. At the Council Hall. Er H.C. Kimball preached. He used many figures to illustrate his ideas amongst the rest when speaking of the unwillingness of the saints to abid the laws of exaltation. He said that the church was like a swarm of Bees, who when they want to increase the king & queen go & seek a new location and when they have found it they come back to the hive & persuade the young folks out but as soon as they begin to fly the old women & young women run with their old tin Kettles and pans and cow Bells, tickling to drown the voice of the king and throw them into a confusion and prevent their enlargement. Just so with the saints when any seem disposed to enlarge their kingdom and godhead the old women & young women run with their old kettles & pans & cow Bells to drown the sound of the leaders and throw the saints into confusion and keep them shut up in their old traditions After he got through O. Pratt added an idea on the extent
& magnitude of the planetary system and the beautiful adaptation to the enlargement of the saints. It was a very interesting meeting. P.M. attended the H.P. quorum with Aaron Farr. I conversed with him some concerning D. in Margarets hearing and she felt bad. Prest. Young, Kimball & others attended the quorum and selected 50 of the members to go on a mission till about April 1st. Evening met with the first quorum at Parleys. Joseph Young & his wife were annointed with the second ordinance. D. was at my house when I got home and tarried with us all night (3)

[William Clayton Writings] Thursday 9th. ... He /Heber C. Kimball about 7½/ came at that time & we went over to brother Farrs to spend a little season together. Winslow Farr was married to Olive H. Freeman for time & all eternity. After which the seal of the covenant was put upon Diantha The question was asked of each one present, did they freely give her up, and they all signified their willingness by saying they had no objections. There was present Winslow Farr her father & his wife. Also Loren Farr & Nancy his wife and William Walker & Olive his wife.

The blessings pronounced upon her head were great and one promise was that her seed should become numerous as the sands on the seashore H.C.K. gave her some very good advice afterward & she seems to feel well. 52 ... (3)

-- Jan 10, 1845
At a meeting of the "lesser priesthood" at the Nauvoo Music Hall "First Bishop of the Church" [later "Presiding Bishop"] Newel K. Whitney "recommended that the bishops establish in their respective wards the manufacturing of palm leaf and straw hats, willow baskets and other business that children are capable of learning, that they may be raised to industrious habits; . . ." (2)

-- Jan 11, 1845
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, convened at the dwelling of Councellor H. G. Sherwood agreeable to adjournment and opened by prayer from Councellor P. Richards,

Councellors Present,

Saml Bent Jas. Allred

Lewis D. Wilson

David Fulmer Geo W. Harris

Thos Grover Aaron Johnson

Newel Knight Wm Huntington

Phineas Richards for E.T. Benson H. G. Sherwood

Prest Chas C. Rich Presiding

Councellors H. G. Sherwood and Wm Huntington reported concerning the meeting on Tues[da]y evening at Prest John Smith's, holden in behalf of Christopher Murkely and Saml Musick; and stated that brother Murkley appeared willing to comply with every thing within the bounds of reason; but that brother Musick was obstinate and unyielding in the extreme which was corroborated by Brother Huntington

Voted to lay the matter over till next Saturday.

Voted to adjourn till Saturday at ten o'clock A.M. in this House to meet in the dwelling of H.G. Sherwood. Dismissed by prayer from Prest Chas C. Rich.

C.C. Pendleton, Clerk (4)

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