Mormon History, Jan 12, 1845

-- Jan 12, 1845
Joseph Young: Second anointing 12 Jan. 1845 (1)

-- Jan 12, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the Council Hall. Elder H. C. Kimball preached. He used many figures to illustrate his ideas amongst the rest when speaking of the unwillingness of the saints to abide the laws of exaltation. He said that the church was like a swarm of Bees, who when they want to increase the king and queen go and seek a new location and when they have found it they come back to the hive and persuade the young folks out but as soon as they begin to fly the old women and young women run with their old tin Kettles and pans and cow Bells, ti[n]kling to drown the voice of the king and throw them into a confusion and prevent their enlargement. Just so with the saints when any seem disposed to enlarge their kingdom and godhead the old women and young women run with their old kettles and pans and cow Bells to drown the sound of the leaders and throw the saints into confusion and keep them shut up in their old traditions. After he got through, O[rson] Pratt added an idea
on the extent and magnitude of the planetary system and the beautiful adaptation to the enlargement of the saints. It was a very interesting meeting.

P.M. attended the H[igh] P[riests] quorum with Aaron Farr. I conversed with him some concerning D[iantha] in Margarets hearing and she felt bad. President Young, Kimball and others attended the quorum and selected 50 of the members to go on a mission till about April 1st. Evening met with the first quorum at Parleys. Joseph Young and his wife were annointed with the second ordinance. D[iantha] was at my house when I got home and tarried with us all night. (2)

-- Jan 13, 1845, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday 13th. This A.M. I had some talk with D in bed. All things seemed to go right. (3)

-- January 13. 1845
Monday January 13. 1845 - 10 A. M. Adjourned Session in Committee of the whole - Mayor in the chair. Names of Members called - a Quorum present - prayer by W. W. Phelps. Minutes were dispensed with -

Moved and seconded that Ald. Wells - Ald Spencer - Co. Phelps, Co. Pratt, Co. Taylor be a committee to draft Resolutions -

Co. Spencer wanted the truth to drive like a wedge - and to commence with the declaration of extermination which was threatened by our enemies.

Co. Phelps thinks it best to be where they cannot be hindered

Co. Taylor wants to put a stop to every iniquity - and to let every thing be clearly shewn.

Ald. Wells. knows of two or three instances where property has been stolen by the old citizens <persons out of remote from the city> anti mormons remote from the City and then instead of being brought to punishment - left the State in a certain No. of days.

Mayor - spoke in regard to some persons who were dissatisfied with their lands being advertized for sale for taxes - on account of a law that has been passed by the Legislature

Ald. Wells it had better be brought up before the Municipal Court - and for them to advise the City Council to act - and so shew that the Municipal Court obeys the State Laws. (4)

-- Jan 14, 1845
William Clayton writes in his journal: Talked to Aaron considerable also with D[iantha] and was with her until 12 1/2 [12:30] and accomplished the desire of my heart by gaining victory over her feelings." Clayton had taken Diantha Farr, age 16, as his fifth wife the week before. She was his first teenaged wife. During the next 25 years he would take five more wives, four of which will be in their teens at the time. (5)

Epistle to the Saints-- This epistle of the Twelve is of the informational type whose main purpose was to bring the membership of the Church "in all the world" up to date as to the progress being made at Church headquarters in Nauvoo, Illinois. The Quorum of the Twelve here consider themselves as "watchmen upon the towers of Zion." For additional background see DHC 7:352-361.

AN EPISTLE of the Twelve to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all the World. Greeting: BELOVED BRETHREN:- As the purposes of God roll forth and the work of the Lord hastens to its accomplishment, it is necessary that we, as watchmen upon the towers of Zion, communicate with you from time to time, and put you in possession of such information as may be deemed necessary for your welfare, for the furtherance of the cause of God, and for the fulfilling of those great purposes which our heavenly father has designed in the rolling forth of the dispensation of the fulness of times, spoken of by all the prophets since the world was.'

The Temple has progressed very rapidly since the death of our beloved Prophet and Patriarch. The diligence of those employed, and the willingness of the saints to contribute, have brought it to a state of forwardness, which has far exceeded our most sanguine expectations. You have already been informed that the capitols of the columns were all on; we have now to announce to you that by the time the spring opens we expect that every stone will be cut to complete the Temple, and it will not take long to lay them, when they are all prepared.

Great numbers of carpenters, masons, and other workmen are daily engaged in this arduous undertaking, so that not only is stone being prepared, but the sash, flooring, seats, and other things are progressing rapidly; and it is our design, if possible, so to rush the work forward that the building will be enclosed, and certain portions of it in that state of forwardness, so that we shall be prepared to commence giving the saints their endowments next fall; that the elders of Israel may be prepared by the power and spirit of the great Jehovah, to fulfill with dignity and honor, the great work devolving upon them to perform.

We wish to inform you brethren that the work in which we are engaged is great and mighty, it is the work of God and we have to rush it forth against the combined powers of earth and hell, we feel it to be an arduous undertaking whilst you, many of you have been enjoying ease, prosperity, and peace at home, we have had to combat mobs and to wade through blood to fulfill the work devolving upon us, and you: we have been exerting our energies, expended our money; and employing our time, our labor, our influence, and means for the accomplishment of this purpose; and feeling confident dear brethren, that you would like to share with us the labor, as well as the glory, we make the following requests:

We wish all the young, middle aged, and able bodied men who have it in their hearts to stretch forth this work with power, to come to Nauvoo, prepared to stay during the summer; and to bring with them means to sustain themselves with, and to enable us to forward this work; to bring with them teams, cattle, sheep, gold, silver, brass, iron, oil, paints and tools; and let those who are within market distance of Nauvoo bring with them provisions to sustain themselves and others during their stay. And let all the churches send all the money, cloth, and clothing, together with the raw material for manufacturing purposes; such as cotton, cotton yarn, wool, steel, iron, brass &c., &c., as we are preparing to go into extensive manufacturing operations, and all these things can be applied to the furtherance of the Temple.

There was a font erected in the basement story of the Temple, for the baptism of the dead, the healing of the sick and other purposes; this font was made of wood, and was only intended for the present use; but it is now removed, and as soon as the stone cutters get through with the cutting of the stone for the walls of the Temple, they will immediately proceed to cut the stone for and erect a font of hewn stone. This font will be of an oval form and twelve feet in length and eight wide, with stone steps and an iron railing; this font will stand upon twelve oxen, which will be cast of iron or brass, or perhaps hewn stone; if of brass, polished; if of iron, bronzed: upon each side of the font there will be a suit of rooms fitted up for the washings. In the recesses, on each side of the arch, on the first story, there will be a suit of rooms or ante-chambers, lighted with the first row of circular windows. As soon as a suitable number of those rooms are completed we shall comme
nce the endowment.

Brethren, inasmuch as you have long desired blessings, come up to the help of the Lord, and help to forward the work that we are engaged in; for we trust that these rooms will be finished by the first of December next, so that you may enter therein and receive wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the power of the priesthood, which you have so long desired; that you may be prepared to go forth to the nations of the earth and build up the kingdom in all parts of the world; gather up Israel, redeem Zion; rebuild Jerusalem; and fill the whole earth with the knowledge of God.

While upon this subject we would remind the brethren of their duty in tithing according to the laws, and commandments given through Joseph the Prophet, it is the duty of all saints to tithe themselves one tenth of all they possess when they enter into the new and everlasting covenant; and then one tenth of their interest, or income, yearly afterwards. If the brethren will attend to this strictly, and send up the sum by agents appointed by us, whose names you will see in this paper, then we shall hold ourselves responsible for all monies and properties delivered to those agents that the names of several individuals who send their tithing by the legal agents may be entered upon the book of the law of the Lord; if this is not attended to strictly by the branches of the church abroad, they may be disappointed when they find that they have sent their means by unauthorized agents, who have not made returns to the Trustees, and their names are not recorded as they would have been i
f they had harkened to counsel. On the subject of regular appointed agencies we would refer you to an article written by the Trustees, Bishops Whitney and Miller, and published in the Times and Seasons of December.

We would further say to the brethren that if there should be any of the churches to whom these agents do not come, let them send their means by honest men whom they may select from among themselves, and in whom they can place confidence; but we cannot be responsible for the conduct of any agents that we do not send, and can only give credit for that we do not send, and can only give credit for that we receive. And as the churches abroad have been much imposed upon by designing men, without authority, we would warn them against such persons, and advise them not to pay their funds to traveling elders and others without a written authority from us to which shall be attached the private seal of the Twelve and their names published as above stated. Those men that we shall select for agents will be men of honor, men of integrity and respectability, in whom we can confide, and who are responsible, and able, and willing to enter into bonds for the faithful performance of their duty.
This course will prevent those many impositions which have heretofore been practiced by villians wearing the garb of saints, and place the churches in a situation that they can forward their tithings with safety.

There is now in the city eight of the Twelve all in good health and spirits; our city is progressing, and the work of the Lord is rolling forth with unprecedented rapidity.

Thus, dear brethren, we have given you, in part, some of the measures and calculations, which we mean to carry into effect for your salvation, and for the furtherance of the salvation of the world. We have commenced a new year, and, as the Lord says; "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through diligence, faithfulness and prayers of faith," so we cannot but hope, that you will renew your exertions, your prayers, and your tithings, for the benefit of Zion, that she may arise and shine, for the good of all people.

We cannot say every thing in one short epistle, therefore, from time to time, as the Lord puts into our hearts instructions, we shall give them unto you; solemnly praying that you will increase your faith, double your diligence, walk by light and obedience, and be instant in season, to do the will of our Father in heaven:-Beware of ungodly men, who creep among you unawares; they are clouds without water, driven about by winds, and will finally be blown into outer darkness.

Our counsel to the travelling Elders abroad is for them to return to Nauvoo by the 6th of April, to Conference, or as soon as possible afterwards, and before they leave, it will be necessary for them to ordain good and wise men to preside over the branches during their absence.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, a veneration for the names of the first martyrs, first elders, and first prophets of the nineteenth century, inspire your hearts, to hear counsel, to keep counsel, to practice holiness, live the life of Saints, and "die the death of the righteous, that your last end may be like his." Done in council, at Nauvoo, this 14th day of January 1845. BRIGHAM YOUNG, Pres't. Willard Richards, Clerk.

5-January 21-No available copy of this Message has been located. It is a letter from the Twelve to Jedediah M. Grant. The letter is mentioned in DHC 7:362.

5-January 22-No available copy of this Message has been located. It is a letter from the Twelve to Parley P. Pratt. The letter is mentioned in DHC 7:362.

5-January 27-No available copy of this Message has been located. It is a letter from the Twelve to Wilford Woodruff. {1845-January 14-Times & Seasons Extra,} (6)

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