Mormon History, Jan 21, 1845

-- Jan 21, 1845
Brigham Young writes for "the saints in Kirtland to come to Nauvoo, that all who have faith in the latter-day work may be united with us in building the Temple." He also writes to "Elder Jedediah M. Grant, Philadelphia, counseling him to forward all the young men and other available help he could to build the Temple." (1)

[Nauvoo Temple] Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball met with the Temple Committee and William Weeks. (2)

-- Jan 22, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] th 1845 went Br Richards Printing office at Br Woodard visiting yesterday John Mc Cuingham aganst Br R. Person Daughter (3)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Reprinted Story: "Mormons - Charter Repealed" -- The Cincinatti Gazette -- Describes a vote by the Illinois House to repeal the Mormon Charters. Very anti-LDS sentiment. Includes a rebuttal by the editor of the Neighbor.

- Reprinted Story: "Regulations for the Publishing Department of the LDS in the East" -- Parley P. Pratt -- Pratt asks, in an article originally published in the New York Prophet, if the Church is aware of the many LDS authors writing on behalf of the Church. He suggests the approval of the Twelve before writing.

- Letter: "To The Public - Sherriff Kelting's Letter" -- Joseph A. Kelting -- Kelting, the deputy Sherriff of Hancock County, writes the Saints about some stolen property.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Elias Hutchings (60,Cholera Morbus), Frederick Ott (26, Fit of Apoplex), Elizabeth Thompson (1, Canker), Eunice Wormmoth (81, Quick Consumption), Hanna Elzina Benjamin (14, Consumption and Canker), Isaiah Barkdoll (19, Fever). (4)

-- Jan 22, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday 22nd. ... Bought two rings and gave one to S.A. Whitney for painting aprons. (5)

-- Jan 23, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] want to Doc Richards rote to Br Benson & sister A. C. went to the temple from there to Doct R. to H. C. K. N. K. W. A. Lymons T. Turles John Taylor Br Patrick home then to O. Hydes got a box for sister Hadlock come home. Br John Scott was at my house said Br Aaron Smith had jest returned from Apanos he said Wilson was up there lecturd to the mob he told them they must drive the mormons from Nauvoo before the temple was don or they never could (3)

Brigham Young and John Taylor supervise the construction of a woodcut for the -seal of the Twelve.- It has a phrygian crown over an all-seeing eye, surrounded by nine stars, not twelve as one would expect in a symbol of the apostles. Rather than an original design, the -seal of the Twelve- is based on an illustration from Bacob Boehme-s THEOSOPHICAL WORKS, favored by Rosicrucians and Christian Kabbalists for two hundred years. The only part of this seal that would be familiar to Mormons of every background is the inscription, -Holiness to the Lord,- which was also on the main magic-parchment (-Lamen-) in Hyrum Smith-s home at his death. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy dictates a letter to William explaining that she is writing her memoirs and asking him to raise the funds necessary to publish it. She also tells William that the Twelve and church are "waiting to receive you with open arms." (6)

-- Jan 24, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Frida 24th 1845 Brs H. C. Kimball and N. K. Whitney was at my house we washed and anointed and Praid had a good time. I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay here and finish the temple the ansure was we should

Br Hyde arived from St. Lewis Jan 24 Thursay 24 had a good succes thare (3)

The Illinois legislature repeals the powerful Nauvoo Charter, disincorporating the city as well as the Nauvoo Legion. The vote is nearly two to one, making it clear that the Mormons have little political support in the state. Brigham Young writes in his diary: "Brothers H.C. Kimball and N.J. Whitney was at my house we Washed and Anointed and Praid had a good time. I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay and finish the temple-the answer was we should." (1)

[Nauvoo Temple] The High Priest agreed to postpone the construction of their hall, which was to be a similar building as the Seventy's Hall, so as to complete the upper story of the temple, where they would receive their endowments. (2)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of James Newberry on January 24, 1845]

A blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of James Newberry, son of John and Jemima Newberry, born May 29th 1791, Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y.

Brother James I lay my Hands upon the head and seal upon the[e] A father-'s Blessing even all the Blessings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for thou art of Jacobs family but of what branch it is not made known to me nevertheless Thou art intitled [sic] to an Inheritance with the sons of Joseph because thou hast obeyed the gospel passed through manny [sic] perils and afflictions and has not fainted. Thou art A lawful heir to the holy priesthood and when you receive your annointing [sic] and endowment in the house of the lord whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven thou shalt be blessed in thy basket and in thy store and in thy family for they shall increase until they become numerous thou shalt also be blessed with wisdom to know how to counsel in righteousness for thou art called to be a counseller [sic] in the house of Israel and thou shalt be blessed in all Thy labours at home and abroad on the land and o
n the seas thou shalt have faith to do miracles thou shalt convert manny [sic] to the truth and thou shalt have riches for inasmuch as thou art liberal God shall be liberal with the[e]. Thou shalt Also have a companion to comfort the[e] in Thine old age thou shalt be joined by thy former companions in the resurrection according to the desire of thy heart in righteousness. Thou shalt ever live to a good old age and rest in peace come up in the first resurrection to inherit eternal life in as much as thou art humble and endure in faith to the end These words shall be made sure unto The[e] for I seal these upon Thy head and thy posterity after The[e] forever in The name of Jesus Christ and by authority of the holy priesthood. Amen. (7)

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