Mormon History, Jan 14, 1845

-- Jan 14, 1845
[Nauvoo Temple] The Twelve reported on the temple progress. They indicated that the masonry work on the walls would be finished early in the year. Carpenters were busy preparing sashes, flooring, seats, etc., with an anticipating of using the building for ordinances next fall. They also reported that the wooden font would be replaced by a limestone font. The decision to replace the font had actually been made during the winter of 1843. (1)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Jesse N. Smith on January 14, 1845]

A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Jesse N. Smith, son of Silas and Mary Smith, born December 2nd, 1843, Stockholm, St. Lawrence County, New York.

Jesse: Thou art the son of my brother and thou hast no father to bless thee. I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal a father's blessing upon thee. Thy father was a righteous man; and I pray my Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to preserve thy life and health, even unto the coming of the Saviour, that thou mayest be a mighty man. Now, Jesse, I charge you to listen to the counsel of thy mother and strive to make her comfortable and be company for her, in her lonesome hours, and the Lord thy God shall bless thee. Angels shall be thy constant companions and thou shalt often converse with them; they shall defend thee from all dangers, heal thy sickness and beat back the power of the destroyer. Thou are of the house and lineage of Joseph, as were the Fathers. Thou are a lawful heir to the Melchesizedek [Melchizedek] Priesthood; and in due time it shall be sealed upon thee with all its powers and benefits. And if thou wilt seek after knowledge, and be
sober-minded, thou shalt be like Mormon of old, and shalt be a mighty man in the ministry and a mighty warrior. Thou shalt handle the sword of Laban with such power as to put ten thousand of thine enemies to flight with the help of thy brother. Thy name shall be terrible among thine enemies. Thou shalt assist thy brother in bringing relatives into the Church, and they shall acknowledge the Lord their Redeemer; and the prayers of thy father shall not be in vain, for he shall bring all his children to him, and reign over them with his companions to all eternity. Thou shalt live to see Israel gathered from the four corners of the earth, to see all the enemies of the Lord swept from off the face of the earth, and cleansed from wickedness, and the Saviour stand upon it; and thou shalt stand in His presence. This is thy blessing which I seal [upon] you at this time, and more shall be revealed to thee hereafter. And inasmuch as thou art faithful, every word shall be fulfilled. For
I seal it upon thee by the authority of the Holy Priesthood. Amen. (2)

-- Jan 14, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Evening rode out with Lot to A[aron] Farrs. Talked to Aaron considerable also with D[iantha] and was with her until 12 1/2 and accomplished the desire of my heart by gaining victory over her feelings. May the Lord bless her until her cup shall run over and her heart be pure as gold. (3)

-- Jan 15, 1845
Brigham Young, 1845-01-15, marries (aged 43); Mary Ann Clark (1816-?) (aged 28); previously married to â€"â€" Powers (unknown if she was widowed, divorced, or separated); divorced June 1851 (4)

[Brigham Young Journal] Wenesdy 15th of January 1845 went to the temple & stone Quarry at Br J. B. Nobles saw sister Mary ann Clark and went to Seventies hall in the evening and at Br Aaron Jonson went to the high counsel was there visiting (5)

[Joseph Smith] A Mormon woman writes that "there is all ready ten hundred thousand of the lamanites baptized into the Church and thay are waiting verry impatient to avenge the blood of Joseph and Hirum. We have to keep men among them to keep them back or thay would [have] ben here before this time." (6)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Announcement: "Public Meeting" - False Accusations Against Nauvoo -- Editorial -- States that the notes from the City Council Meeting will follow.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" -- John Taylor -- Provides a synopsis of the most recent trades meeting.

- Story: "The Voice of Nauvoo - Proceedings of the City Council" -- D. Spencer -- Includes a resolution in opposition to the false rumors about Nauvoo and the Church. Includes notes from a "Meeting of the Citizens."

- Story: "Doings of the City Council" - General Notes -- Willard Richards -- Describes personnel changes and ordinances passed by the City Council.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance in Relation to a Ferry Across the Mississippi River" -- Daniel Spencer -- Brigham young is given authorization to run the ferry in place of Joseph Smith.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance Concerning the Burying Ground on Durphey Street" -- Daniel Spencer -- States that the roads now must go around the cemetery instead of going through it.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance for the Fencing of the Old Burying Ground" -- Daniel Spencer -- A fence is appropriated to surround the cemetery.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance to Amend the OrdinanceÂ…For a Specific Purpose" -- Daniel Spencer -- Discusses the sale of city lots, and assessments.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance for theÂ…Enlargement of the Number of Policemen" -- Daniel Spencer -- Appropriates the funds for up to five hundred policemen.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance Concerning Fines" -- Daniel Spencer -- Discusses the way that funds received from the payment of fines are to be used. (7)

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