Mormon History, 1844

-- During 1844
William Law: Expelled from Nauvoo lodge 1844 (1)

William Smith: Accused 1844 of! assault with deadly weapon, left state on mission before charges filed (1)

William Smith: Indicted in Massachusetts for adultery or unlawful cohabitation 1844 (1)

William Smith: Withdrew as candidate for state legislature 1844 (1)

Zebedee Coltrin: Political missionary 1844 (1)

Average Nauvoo Population: 15000, deaths: 440, death rate: 29 (2)

George Miller: Mission to Kentucky to campaign for Joseph Smith as President of United States May-July 1844. (3)

George Miller: Returned to pinery March-April 1844. (3)

[Heber C. Kimball] -46 Takes additional plural wives, for a total of thirty-eight: Hulda [p.xxiv]Barnes (1846), Abigail Buchannan (1846), Charlotte Chase (1846), Clarissa Cutler (1846, with one son, Abraham, as of February 1846), Emily Cutler (1846, with one son, Isaac, as of February 1846), Mary Dull (1846?), Mary Fielding (1844), Amanda Gheen (1845), Ann Alice Gheen (1844), Christeen Golden (1846), Sophronia Harmon (1846), Mary Ellen Harris (1844), Elizabeth Hereford (1846), Mary Houston (1846), Presendia Huntington (1846), Sarah Lawrence (1844), Martha McBride (1844), Margaret McMinn (1846), Theresa Morely (1846), Ruth Pierce (1846), Abigail Pitkin (1846), Laura Pitkin (1846), Ruth Reese (1846), Ellen Sanders (1844), Harriet Sanders (1846), Sarah Schuler (1846), Sarah Scott (1846), Sylvia Sessions (1846), Mary Ann Shefflin (1846), Sarah Stiles (1846), Rebecca Swain (1846), Frences Swan (1844, with one daughter, Margaret, as of February 1846), Lucy Walker (1845, with one da
ughter, Rachel, as

of February 1846), Ruth Wellington (1846), Sarah Ann Whitney (1845, with [p.xxv]one son, David, as of February 1846), Nancy Winchester (1844).^1 (4)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #13. Lydia Kenyon (Carter Smith? Kimball), 1799-1866. (5)

Hosea Stout was one of the most prolific, down-to-earth, and insightful of the early Mormon diarists. He also composed short autobiographical pieces which related the story of his life prior to 1844 when he began his diaries, and he then wrote in the diaries continuously until 1870. (6)

[Oregon Trail] Four major wagon trains bring 2000 farmers, merchants, mechanics, and lawyers to Oregon. One party each leaves Independence, Westport, St. Joseph, and Bellevue (near Council Bluffs). (7)

Orson Hyde: Carried petition drafted by Joseph Smith to Washington, D C 1844. (3)

Orson Pratt: Returned to Nauvoo 7August 1844, after Prophets death. (3)

Samuel Bent: Mission to Michigan 1844. (3)

[Schism] Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Strangite); James J. Strang (organizer); Split off/Continuation of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; A few hundred members; headquartered in Voree (now Burlington) Wisconsin; Web site:; Prarie Saints (RLDS) group. (8)

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