Mormon History, 1844-45

-- During 1844-45
George A Smith: Married polygamously five times (1844-45) in violation of Illinois law (1)

John E Page: Married polygamously three times (1844-45) in violation of Massachusetts and Illinois laws (1)

Joseph Young: Anointed Quorum (1844-45) (1)

-- During 1844-46
Albert P Rockwood: Nauvoo Legion colonel (1843-44) and general (1844-46) (1)

Amasa M Lyman: Married polygamously seven times (1844-46) in violation of Illinois law (1)

Ezra T Benson: Stake high council (1844-46) (1)

George A Smith: Nauvoo Legion assistant chaplain (1841-42), major (1842-44), and colonel (1844-46) (1)

John Smith: Stake president (1844-46) (1)

Orson Pratt: Married polygamously four times (1844-46) in violation of Illinois law (1)

-- Before 1844
Joseph Smith marriage to Jane Tippets age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Mary Houston age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Olive Andrews age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Phoebe Watrous (Woodworth) age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Sarah Scott age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Sophia Sanburn age ?. (2)

Joseph Smith marriage to Vienna Jaques age ?. (2)

-- By 1844
Warren Parrish becomes a Baptist minister, receiving $500 per year. (3)

-- Jan 1, 1845
A Word to Churches abroad-- Just as on January 1, 1836 Joseph Smith had used New Year's Day for reflections on the state of affairs in the Church, so on New Year's Day, 1845 the Quorum of the Twelve sent forth this "First Greeting of 1845." The message recommends that all members keep in touch with the Church and its headquarters through subscriptions to the Times and Seasons, official organ of the Church, and through the Nauvoo Neighbor. For additional background see DNC 7:345-348

A WORD to the Churches Abroad from the Twelve (First Greeting of 1845) The Twelve, feeling a great anxiety for the unity and prosperity of the whole church, and, more especially, for the benefit of the branches of the church abroad in the world, would, after mature deliberation, and as a matter of counsel, (approving of the course, management, and matter of the Times and Seasons and Nauvoo Neighbor), recommend that suitable pains and exertions be taken by both elders and members, to obtain these papers from Nauvoo. A unity of effort, to circulate these papers, not only among the saints, but among the people at large, will greatly facilitate the labors of the traveling elders, while it disseminates correct principles, sanctioned by the highest authorities in the church, and at the same time, opens a channel of communication, best calculated to win the good feelings of the community, while the affections, and zeal of the brethren, are harmonized, by the same doctrines, the sam
e rules: and the same laudable purposes.

The kingdoms of the world continue and extend by division, but the saints can only expect to prevail by wisdom and counsel: we therefore, in connection with the union which prevails among the saints here, and for the prosperity of the branches abroad, and as a reward of merit to the honorable standing of the Times and Seasons and Nauvoo Neighbor, and for their unyielding energies in the cause of truth 'through good and through evil report,' bespeak for them a liberal subscription and ready remittance. May light and liberality be equal.

We have just entered upon the threshold of a new year, and may our Father in heaven, have so much respect to his saints and people as to bless the pure in heart, pure in purpose, and coworkers for the redemption of man, until the light from Zion extends round the globe and 'all Israel shall be saved'; and then we can rejoice and say: it was good for us that we followed the counsel of the Lord.

Brethren, we greet you with peace, and may the Lord bless you with righteousness. Done in council, this first day of January, 1845. [Signed] BRIGHAM YOUNG, President. {1845-January 1-DHC 7:347-348} (4)

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