Mormon History, Feb 4, 1845

-- Feb 4, 1845
Ezra Thayer: Dropped from Council of Fifty 4 February 1845. (1)

Brigham Young reconvenes the Council of Fifty which votes him as its "standing chairman." This is the council's first meeting since the death of Joseph Smith. The council releases all non-LDS members and Mormons who reject Young's leadership. This leaves the council with only 40 members; they vote to "fill up the Council at some future time." (2)

Lyman Wight: Dropped from Council of Fifty 4 Feb. 1845 (3)

-- Feb 4, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Met at the 70s Hall with the Council of the Kingdom. 126 There were only 25 members present viz: B[righam] Young, S[amuel] Bent, John Smith, Alpheus Cutler, R]eynolds] Cahoon, W[illiam] W. Phelps, G[eorge] Miller, P[eter] Haws, Josh Fielding, Levi Richards, J[ohn] D. Parker, L[ucien] Woodworth, H[eber] C. Kimball, O[rson] Spencer, P[hilip] B. Lewis, D[avid] D. Yearsley, C[harles] C. Rich, O[rson] Pratt, A[masa] Lyman, J[oseph] W. Coolidge, O[rrin] P[orter] Rockwell, G[eorge] A. Smith, E[rastus] Snow and W[illar]d Richards and myself. This is the first time we met since the massacre of President Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The Council was reorganized and President B. Young appointed standing chairman as successor to President Joseph Smith by unanimous vote. The vote then passed for absent members according to their ages and stations and resulted as follows viz. Ezra Thayer, Amos Fielding, N[ewel] K. Whitney, C[ornelius] P. Lott, J[ohn] M. Bernhisel, Elias
Smith, O[rson] Hyde, W[ilford] Woodruff, P[arley] P. Pratt, D[avid] S. Hollister, John Taylor, W[illia]m Smith, A[lmon] W. Babbitt, J[edediah] M. Grant and B[enjamin] F. Johnson were unanimously sustained and received into the new organization. The following were rejected and dropped from the Council: Uriah Brown, W[illia]m Marks, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, James Emmett, Samuel James, Edward Bonny, Alexander Badlam, Geo[rge] J. Adams, Merinus G. Eaton and Lorenzo D. Wasson. President Joseph and Hyrum two of the members were martyred for the truth and John P. Green is dead, so that there is only 40 members left in the Council. It was voted to fill up the Council at some future time. The weather is extremely cold and the Council adjourned at 2 1/2. (4)

-- Feb 5, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 5th I spent the day at home looking over my Journal. (5)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple to sister Fanys took diner with L Young (6)

- Reprinted Story: "The Priesthood" - Old Testament Questions -- Noah's Messenger -- Questions about the qualifications of Priests in the Old Testament, and their answers.

- Story: Nauvoo May Scede from the Union -- Editorial -- Discussion about how to keep the Saints happy has resulted in some talk of the Saints creating their own Country, with laws and other systems designed by the Saints.

- Letter: Brigham Young to John Taylor - Where are my Newspapers? -- Brigham Young -- Brigham asks John Taylor to make good on his promise to forward the Nauvoo Neighbor to him while he is preaching the Gospel. (7)

-- Feb 6, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 6th I spent this day at home aranging my Journal And looking over my labours & travels in the morning during the last eleven years of my life commencing with 1834 to 1844 inclusive & the following is a true account & result of my travels & labours:

In AD 1834 I travled 1,238 miles through 6 states.

In 1835 I travelled through 4 States 3,248 miles held 170 meetings esstablished 8 preaching places planted 3 Churches Baptized 43. Three were preachers. Confirmd 35. Ordained 2 Teachers 1 Deacon. Wrote 18 Letters Procured 22 subscribers for the papers 70 signers to the petition to the govornor of Mo. Had 3 mobs rise against me.

So I took the account of each year & the following is the sum Total:

Travelled 50,572 miles through 20 of the United States twice through the Canidas, on three Islands of the sea crosted the Atlantic three times, visited 20 of the largest Cities & towns in England, & in wales. Held 963 meetings Attended 61 Conferences & 100 Councils. Baptized 491, including 60 Preachers 2 Clarks of the Church of England 3 Sea Captains, 10 Kindred, Assisted in baptizing 133 others. Ordained 2 Patriarchs 3 High Priest 149 Elders 134 Priests 62 Teachers & 14 Deacons. Esstablished 74 Preaching Places Planted 55 Churches Numbering 1,565 members. Blessed 171 Children. There were 218 Cases of healing under my hand. I married 14 Couple. Was baptized for 36 Dead friends. Baptized for 135 Dead. Reported & recorded in my Journals 30 of President Joseph Smiths sermons, & 25 of the quorum of the Twelve. I wrote 563 Letters recievd 257 Letters. Procured 205 subscribers for the Latter Day Saints Papers & 70 signers to the Govornor of the state of Mo. for redress of wrongs i
n the persecution of the Saints. Had 11 mobs rise against me. I had charge of the business part of the Printing office in Nauvoo for two years. I procured for the House in Kirtland $91. I gave for the Temple in Nauvoo $200 & obtaind of others for the Temple $500. (5)

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