Mormon History, 1844

-- During 1844
[Schism] Church of Jesus Christ of the Children of Zion; Sidney Rigdon (organizer); Split off/Continuation of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Dissolved by 1847; Originally also used the name Church of Christ. Also known as Rigdonites; Prarie Saints (RLDS) group. (1)

[Schism] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Brigham Young (organizer); Split off/Continuation of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; The largest Latter Day Saint denomination, with 13 million members worldwide; headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; Also commonly known as Mormon Church or LDS Church. Adherents are popularly called Mormons or Latter-day Saints. Resulted from Latter Day Saints that followed Brigham Young after succession crisis. Practiced plural marriage until the early 20th century. Web site:; Rocky Mountain (Brighamite) group. (1)

[Schism] True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; William Law (organizer); Split off/Continuation of Church of Christ; Now Defunct; Opposed plural marriage; published the Nauvoo Expositor; formed prior to the death of Joseph Smith. (1)

[The West] Joseph Smith aggressively organized efforts to prepare for western exploration of Oregon, Texas, California and the Great Basin for a site for a new city. (2)

Wilford Woodruff: Mission to eastern states May-August 1844 to campaign for Joseph Smith as President of United States. (3)

William B Smith: Associated with Twelve after death of Prophet 1844. (3)

William B Smith: Left for East May-June 1844. (3)

-- During 1844 or earlier
[African American History] Walker Lewis, a Black member and barber in Lowell, MA ordained an Elder either by William Smith (a younger brother of Joseph Smith Jr.)reported by William L. Appleby in a letter to Brigham Young dated June 2, 1847 and in his "Journal History" dated 19 May 1847both in LDS Archives) or (according to Jane Elizabeth James in a letter dated 7 Feb 1890 to Joseph F. Smith) "Parley P. Pratt ordained Him and Elder" (reported by Wolfinger in A Test of Faith, p. 149). (4)

-- During 1844-1845
[Deseret] (5)

-- During 1844-45
[African American History] Sometime in 1844-45 the Lowell, MA area was visited by Apostles Ezra Taft Benson and Brigham Young, neither of whom apparently mentioned anything amiss about a Black elder-s existence. Brigham Young-s later (1847) statement makes it clear that he was aware of Walker Lewis-s holding the Priesthood. (4)

Following the death of Joseph Smith, James J. Strang professes to be the successor to Joseph Smith, translates characters from metal plates, produces a book, and 11 witnesses, none of whom ever denied their testimonies. Three of the Whitmers, Martin Harris, Hiram Page, William Smith, and Lucy Smith all followed Strang’s leadership from 1846 to 1847. Emma is unable to reconcile polygamy/polyandry and distances herself from Brigham Young. Brigham introduces blood atonement oaths in the Temple ceremony swearing vengeance on the killers of Joseph and Hyrum. An oath swearing revenge on the US Government would also be added to the Temple rites. (6)

Albert P Rockwood: Seventy 1839, local president (1844-45) q(3)

Brigham Young: Lieutenant-general of Nauvoo Legion (1844-45) q(3)

Ezra T Benson: Missions (1844-45, 1846) q(3)

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