Mormon History, Sept. 1843

-- During Sept. 1843
Joseph Smith Jr.: Second anointing and Anointed Quorum president 28 Sept. 1843 (1)

William E Mclellin: Ordained an elder in George Hinkle's Church of Jesus Christ, the Bride the Lamb's Wife 16 Sept. 1843 (1)

-- During Sept43
[Joseph Smith Sermon] The month of September was apparently rather uneventful in regard to Joseph Smith's public teachings. He did speak on matters of medicine and publically debated various visitors to Nauvoo on social and religious issues. One exception was his discource on Sunday September 24 where he preached on the unwisdom of having all things in common at Nauvoo. These short texts may be found in WJS. (2)

-- During September 1843
[William Clayton Writings] When he went to St. Louis in September 1843, he even attended the circus (3)

-- Oct 1, 1843
Sunday evening prayer circle at the upper room of the Mansion House; anointing and endowment ceremony for Jane Silverthorne (Law), Rosannah Robinson (Marks), Elizabeth Davis (Brackenbury Durfee Smith), and Mary Fielding (Smith) . Emma Hale Smith washed and anointed these women . Joseph Smith "reanointed [William] Law" in the Anointed Quorum due to Law's confession of adultery committed since his 1842 endowment . Smith also anointed Law as his first counselor and Amasa M. Lyman as second counselor in anticipation of dropping the unendowed Sidney Rigdon as first counselor at the upcoming general conference. These priesthood ordinances were not otherwise announced or repeated. Meeting was adjourned to 4 Oct. . (4)

[Brigham Young] October 1.-- Proceeded to Philadelphia and attended meeting in the evening. (5)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith published an invitation to donate money for Elder George J. Adams's mission to Russia in the Church newspaper Times and Seasons. (6)

[Joseph Smith Diary] October 1st 1843, Sunday Wet and cold. Went to meeting A.M. Adjourned the meeting. P.M. More pleasant. People assembled, President [William] Marks, [Charles C.] Rich and Bishop Fouts preached. Eve[ning] Council met same as Thursday previous except [that Jane] Law, [Rosannah] Marks, [Elizabeth] Durphy, [and] Hiram's wife [Mary Fielding were initiated], Joseph &c. reanointed. Law &c. anointed counselors. Prayer and singing. Adjourned to Wednesday eve[ning]. (7)

[Polygamy] The endowed quorum meets and four new members receive temple ordinances: Jane Silverthorne Law, Rosannah Robinson Marks, Elizabeth Davis Brackenbury Durfee, and Mary Fielding Smith. Emma Smith performed the ordinance work for the women. (8)

-- Oct 1, 1843. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Had some meditation about home, Margaret &c. on the summit of the Hill above Peru. Never did M[argaret] and my little family appear more lovely and endearing than while my anxious thoughts were pondering over their probable situation. At 12 we started out for St. Louis. (9)

-- Oct 2, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Lucien Adams. (6)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, October 2d 1843 At home. (7)

-- Oct 3, 1843
[Brigham Young] --3-- In company with Elders Kimball, Hyde, Woodruff, G. [George] A. Smith and J. [Jedediah] M. Grant, visited the Saints in Philadelphia; dined at Brother J. B. Nicholson's, and in the evening partook of an oyster supper at Mr. Jeffrey's, who undertook to get us drunk, but only succeeded in intoxicating himself. We consecrated several bottles of oil. (5)

Joseph Smith opened the Mansion House to the public with a memorable dinner party for "more than one hundred couple [sic]." Notices of the occasion prepared for publication in the Nauvoo Neighbor reports that "General Joseph Smith, the proprietor of said house, provided a luxurious feast for a pleasure party; and all having partaken of the luxuries of a well spread board, the cloth was removed, and a committee appointed to draft resolutions suitable to the occasion." (10)

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