Mormon History, Aug 27, 1843

-- Aug 27, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith preached about the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods and their respective powers. (1)

[Joseph Smith] The Quorum of the Twelve meets with the Saints in New York in conference.Sunday. Joseph states that two weeks earlier a vote had been taken to disfellowship Sidney Rigdon. And although Gov. Carlin now denies any conspiracy with Rigdon, Joseph still believes there has been such a conspiracy. After these comments, Joseph gives a doctrinal sermon. Rigdon then takes the stand to defend himself, stating that he has seen Gov. Carlin only three times in his life and has never talked to a soul about the subject of a conspiracy to arrest Joseph. Sidney asks pardon for doing anything that would make Joseph come to this conclusion. (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, August 27th 1843 10 A.M. President Marks prayed. Joseph said 2 weeks to day something said about Elder Rigdon. Vote taken [at that time] to take away his license on account of a report brought by Elder Hyde from Quincy. The letter [from former governor Carlin to Sidney Rigdon, produced by Rigdon in his defense,] is one of the most evasive things and carries with it a design to hide the truth[, according to Joseph Smith]. [The letter was read, dated] Quincy, Ill[inois] Aug[ust] 18, 1843 [It was] In answer to S[idney] Rigdon of the 15 inst[ant from] Thom[as] Carlin.

[Joseph then asked:] Has any man been concerned in a conspiracy to deliver Joseph Smith to M[iss]o[uri]? If so who? [Carlin's letter acknowledged only that Rigdon was not the "person in high standing in the church" who had "an interview" with him about how to have Joseph Smith "arrested and delivered into the hands of the Missourians." Carlin did not tell who this individual was.]

Read 7th Hebrews [regarding Melchizedek, king of Salem, who ordained Abraham a priest]. Salem is designed for a Hebrew term. It should be Shilom, which signifies Righteousness and peace. As it is, it is nothing. Neither Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, or any other. To all those who are disposed to say [how] to set up stakes for the Almighty [they] will come short of the glory of God. To become a joint heir of the heirship of the son he must put away all his traditions.

I bear record this morning that all the combined powers of Earth and hell shall not over come this boy.

If I have sinned I have sinned outwardly, but secretly I have contemplated the things of God. Told an annecdote of the Episcopalian priest who said he had the priesthood of Aaron but not of Melichisedek and bore this testimony that I never have found the man who claimed the priesthood of Melchisidek.

The law was given under Aaron for the purpose of pouring out Judgments and destructions.

The sectarian world are going to hell by 100s, 1,000s, 100,000!

3 grand orders of priesthood referred to here.

1st King of Shiloam [Salem had] power and authority over that of Abraham holding the key and the power of endless life. Angels desire to look into it but they have set up to[o] many stakes. God cursed the children of Israel because they would not receive the last law from Moses.

By the offering of Isaac, if a man would attain [it], he must sacrifice all to attain to the keys of the kingdom of an endless life.

What was the power of Melchisedick[? It] was not P[riesthood] of Aaron &c. [but to be] a king and a priest to the most high God. A perfect law of Theocracy /holding keys of power and blessings/ [and] stood as God to give laws to the people, administering endless lives to the sons and daughters of Adam kingly powers of anointing. Abram says Melchisedek [has priesthood. Before he sends me] away I [will] have a priesthood.

Salvation could not come to the world without the mediation of Jesus Christ. How shall God come to the rescue of this generation. He shall send Elijah[. The] law revealed to Moses in Horeb. Never was revealed to the C[hildren] of Israel and he shall reveal the covenants to seal the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, /anointing and sealing/ called elected and made sure without father &c. A Priesthood which holds the priesthood by right from the Eternal Gods and not by descent from father and mother.

2d Priesthood, patriarchal authority [to] finish that temple and God will fill it with power.

3d Priesthood[,] Levitical priest[hood.] Priests made without an oath but the Priesthood of Melchisedek is by oath and covenant. Holy Ghost.

Jesus Christ, men have to suffer that they might come up on Mr. Zion exalted above the heavens. I know a man that has been caught up to the 3d heaven &c.

15 mi[nutes] past 1 o'clock.

Sidney Rigdon [said], "[I] never see [saw] Gov[ernor] Carlin but 3 times [and] never exchanged a word with any man living on this subject. I ask [your] pardon for having done any thing which should give a reason to make you think so."

[written sideways on page] /See letter on next page

/Evening Joseph, W[illia]m Law, W[illia]m Marks, Hyrum, N[ewel] K. Whitney, and Willard Richards were in Joseph's new house prayed that W[illia]m Law's father might live and receive the gospel and our families believe and rejoice and be saved.

Copy of the letter referred to on the previous page.

Quincy, Ill[inois] August 18th 1843

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 15th inst[ant] was received but not in time to answer it by mail. You say that "a Mr. Orson Hyde on board of the Steam Boat Anawawan a short time since was told by an officer of the boat that a Mr. Prentice in the vincinity of Quincy said that some person in high standing in the Church of Latter Day Saints in this place (Nauvoo) had an interview with you (me) said he would use all the influence /that/ his circumstances would admit of to have Joseph Smith arrested, and delivered into the hands of the Missourians &c."

This interview is said to have taken place at the time the first warrant [was] issued against Smith, and that since the last warrant was issued, that the same person had written to you (me) or had an interview with you giving the same assurances. It has been publicly said in this town that I (Sidney R[igdon]) was the person who had this interview or interviews with you."

Now, Sir, it gives me pleasure to be perfectly able to disabuse you. I have not seen you to my recollection, nor had any correspondence with you until the present, since 1839 and in all the intercourse I have had with you, I have always looked upon you as one of the most devoted followers of Joseph Smith and one of the pillars of the Church of the Latter-day Saints. I never sought through the aid of any person to entrap Joseph Smith. A faithful discharge of my official duties was all that I attempted or desired.

Very respectfully

your ob[edien]t servant,

Thomas Carlin

Sidney Rigdon, Esq[ui]r[e] (3)

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