Mormon History, Sep 15, 1843

-- Sep 15, 1843
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph announces that the Mansion House will operate as a hotel. The Relief Society prays that Emma's life will be spared. (1)

[Polygamy] William Clayton had already married two sisters and desired to marry the third (and youngest), Lydia Moon. Clayton asked the prophet's permission bit he refused Clayton permission to marry Lydia, citing a revelation "he had lately, [that] a man could only take 2 of a family." Smith then asked if Clayton would "give L[ydia] to him. I said I would so far as I had any thing to do in it. He requested me to talk to her." Lydia Moon refused Smith's offer because she wanted to "tarry with her sisters" who were already Clayton's wives. Joseph Smith and William Clayton in love triangle . PLACE: Nauvoo, IL SOURCE: William Clayton Journal 2, "Nauvoo, Illinois," September 15, 17 and 21, 1843. (2)

-- Sep 15, 1843, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 15th. A.M at Prest. J's afterwards at the Temple Office all day. Evening Prest. J. met me & I returned with him to O. Spencers to borrow $1400.- to clear his farm from an incumbrance laying on it which fact Esq. Skinner has ascertained on searching the Records. Prest.J. told me he had lately had a new item of law revealed to him in relation to myself. He said the Lord had revealed to him that a man could only take 2 of a family except by express revelation and as I had said I intended to take Lydia he made this known for my benefit. to have more than two in a family was apt to cause wrangles and trouble. He finally asked if I would not give L to him I said I would so far as I had any thing to do in it. He requested me to talk to her. (3)

-- Sep 16, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith went in company with his staff to view the parade of the Nauvoo Legion, who saluted and received him with military honors. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, September 16th 1843 General parade [of the] Nauvoo Legion near Gen[eral] Smith's farm. Went in co[mpany] with his staff to parade met by escort and arrived before the legion about 12 [o'clock]. [Joseph] Was received and saluted in military style. About 1 P.M. Legion was dismissed for 2 hours and I rode home to dinner. Returned about 20 minutes after 3 [P.M.]. Attend[ed] the review and inspection of the Legion with my staff. Gen[eral] Derby acting inspector. After which I took my part and gave orders. After which made a speech to the legion. Highly satisfied with officers and Soldiers and I felt extremely well myself.

About sundown the Legion was dismissed and [I] rode home with some of my staff. Highly delighted with the day's performance and well paid for my services. The return will appear hereafter. (5)

-- Sep 17, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith made some remarks following the sermon of Mr. Blodgett, a Unitarian minister, and disagreed with some of his ideas concerning the nature of persecution. (4)

Joseph Smith instructs the Sunday congregation that it is wrong to have "men among women, and women among men," and segregates the congregation by gender. (6)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, 17th September Was at meeting A.M. [and] gave some directions. While Aimon Babbitt preached, I took my part as Mayor outside of the assembly to keep order and set pattern for the under officers. After preaching gave some instruction about order in the congregation. Men among women and women among men. Horses in the assembly Men and boys on the stand &c.

P.M. Mr. Blodget the Unitarian Minister preached. Was gratified with his sermon in general, but differed in opinion on some points, on which I freely expressed myself to his great satisfaction on persecution, making the work spread by rooting up a flower garden or kicking back the sun. (5)

[Polygamy] Joseph Smith is turned down by Lydia Moon in a plural marriage proposal. (7)

-- Sep 17, 1843 (Sunday Afternoon)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location:

Source: Levi Richards Diary -Words of Joseph Smith, 249) 17 . . . PM heard the Rev Mr Blodget from Mass. Unitarian Preacher. good discourse of religious Liberty Text "What is Truth" followed by Pres Smith disproving the idea that persecution causes a good work to prosperâ€"continued his discours about 1 1/2 hours apeaking of the practice of Medicineâ€"& of Medicine of Quacks & qualified Doctorsâ€"of the use of Med & of the abuse of Med.â€"also spoke decidedly agains Dr Brinks practiceâ€"spoke in favor of Doc. Bernhiselâ€"declared that he -J Smith- never lost a patient where he had been the first &I only one employed & challenged the congregation to bring instanceâ€"they brough none spoke of Lobelia when the patient was too weak to bear itâ€"as being destructive & & said calomel would corrode the stomach when it was emptyâ€"said it was a poisonâ€"still said it was a med. & useful if used skillfully!!!!!!!!! (8)

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