Mormon History, Aug 30, 1843, Wednesday

-- Aug 30, 1843, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] 30 August 1843 A.M. ... at Pres J's. He & Hyrum told me that Mr Brown of Rushville had arrived last night & had no where to go. They requested me to taken them in for about 3 weeks and I consented (1)
-- Aug 31, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31st We left the saints in Norwalk & took steem Boat to Bridgport & Stage to New Haven. We stoped at S. Browns Tavern then walked to Burr Frost at Westville & spent the night. Distance of the day 40 m. (Fare to N Haven $1.25.) (2)
[Joseph Smith] Joseph begins moving into the Nauvoo Mansion. Up until this time the Smiths (Joseph, Emma, and four children) have been living in the same log house Joseph purchased from Hugh White in 1839. The mansion is a 22-room L-shaped building. The Smith family takes over six rooms and the rest are for entertaining visitors to Nauvoo. Fifteen days after moving into the mansion, Joseph gives notice that he is no longer able to provide free facilities, but thereafter the mansion will operate as a hotel. Joseph lives at the mansion until his death. At this time the men in Nauvoo are donating one day out of ten to work on the temple and Nauvoo House. The sisters are donating 1 percent of their weekly money for those structures. (3)
[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, August 31st Joseph called about 10 A.M. and asked what the rent of house by the store was worth. About these days was moving into the new house [Nauvoo Mansion] on the Diagonal corner to commence keeping tavern. (4)
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith began his move into the new Mansion House residence. (5)
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma move into the Mansion House from the Homestead, occupying six of its twenty-two rooms. (6)
-- Aug 31, 1843, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] 31st ... I move Mr Browns family to my house this evening (1)
-- During August 1843
[John D. Lee] Lee served several brief missions in nearby states and enjoyed success as a preacher, organizer, and healer. He returned to Nauvoo in August 1843 and resumed his duties as a guard at the home of Joseph Smith--a duty he regarded as a privilege. He felt that, "save Jesus Christ," no greater man than the Mormon Prophet had ever lived. (7)
-- During 1843 Aug
[Polygamy] Joseph Smith is sealed in a plural marriage to Almera Johnson. (8)
-- Sep 1, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Sept 1st We walked to New Haven. From thence to Fair Haven & called upon Mr Smith Tuttle who would open doors for preaching. We spent part of the day with him & returned to westville & preached at night at Br Frost to a small number. We spent the night at Br Frost. (2)
-- Sept 1st 1843
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjt at the Stand near the Temple. W. Marks Presiding.
Councillors present. 1) Bent 2) Huntington in the place of Allred, who was sick 3) Wilson 4) Cutler 5) Fulmer 6) Harris 7) Grover 8) Johnson 9) Knight 10) Duncan McArthur pro. tem 11) Soby 12) Sherwood. Prayer by David Fulmer.
On motion of Thos Grover there were appointed to speak on a side viz Bent 2) Huntington 3) Wilson 4) Cutler 5) Fulmer 6) Harris
The following charges were then prefered to wit.
"To the Honorable High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
A Cowles against George J. Adams prefers the following charges, to wit:
In general,
For unchristian conduct.
Specific Charges.
1st For adultery.
2nd For Breach of covenant
3rd For lying
4th For slandering.
5th For putting the stumbling block of his iniquity before his face and raising an image of jealously and causing people to worship it"
Br Cowles explained the nature of the charges &c.
Defendant plead not guilty and read a document from the first Presidency and objected to any thing being brought up previous to the date thereof.
Decided by the Council that nothing should be brought against Br Adams previous to the 5th of June (the date of the aforesaid document as all things previous thereto had been settled before the First Presidency and the Twelve).
On motion of Thos Grover three were appointed to speak on a side to wit: l) Bent 2) Huntington 3) Wilson 4) Cutler 5) Fulmer 6) Harris
After some witnesses had been called the Council adjourned one hour an met according to adjt
The charge was not sustained. Decided by the President that the hand of fellowship be still extended to Br Adams. Adjd till next Thursday the 7th at 2 o'clock P.M.
Hosea Stout, Clerk (9)

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