Mormon History, Aug 28, 1843

-- Aug 28, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Aug 28th I met with the Twelve in the morning & spent several hours together. I mailed a letter to Elder J. Taylor containing 10 subscribers for the Times & Seasons. I dined at Br Ilus Carters & con-vers with Mrs Carter & Mrs Snow. I had a Minuature taken by Mr Miller as a Present to Mrs Woodruff. Price $4.50. I called upon Miss Mary Sloan who seemed much pleased to see me & spoke about going to Nauvoo. Desired much to go. I returned to Br Ilus Carters & took tea. Saw Mrs Sloan. Spent the evening with Ilus. Before I left him he spoke of sending some dry goods & carpeting to me at Nauvoo to sell for him. I spent the night at Elder Fosters. Distance of the day 6 miles. (1)

-- August 28, 1843
[Brigham Young] --28-- attended a council of the Twelve this morning in relation to our future movements. (2)

-- Aug 28, 1843
William Clayton (Joseph Smith's personal secretary) records in his Journal: "President Joseph met Ms Wdth at my house." "Ms Wdth" was sixteen-year-old Flora Ann Woodworth, daughter of Lucien Woodworth the architect of the Nauvoo house hotel. She had become Joseph's plural wife in the spring of 1843. She is mentioned in Clayton's journal more often than any of Joseph's other plural wives. (3)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, August 28th Delegation of Indians at Joseph's. They wished him to become their great father. Geo[rge] Walker wrote a deed in the office. (4)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Lovisa Clark Smith, the second daughter of Samuel H. Smith and Levira Clark Smith, is born in Nauvoo. She is Samuel's sixth child. (5)

[Polygamy] Joseph Smith meets with Flora Ann Woodworth. (6)

-- Aug 28, 1843, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday 28th. ... Pres. J met Ms Wdth at my house. (7)

-- Aug 29, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29th I left new York in company with Elders Davis, Wandell, & Walley on Board of the Mutual Safety to Norwalk. I was sea sick. I stoped at the house of Albert Gregory & we Preached at night in the town house & spent the night with Br Gregory. Distance of the day 65 miles. (1)

-- August 29, 1843
[Brigham Young] --29-- Went to the Arlington House, Long Island, in company with Brother L. R. Foster, and had a pleasant visit with General James Arlington Bennett and family, with whom I stayed all night. (2)

-- Aug 29, 1843
Joseph Smith's confidant and personal secretary, William Clayton, writes in his diary: "A.M. at the Temple. President Joseph at my house with Miss W[oo]d[wor]th." Sixteen-year-old Flora Ann Woodworth was a secret plural wife of Joseph Smith. (3)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, August 29th Held court in the A.M. on Hotchkiss. No cause of action. P.M. court City vs Erastus H. Derby /bound to/ keep the peace 6 months, before trial gave up his Elder['s] license to Recorder.

Court 4 P.M. Nauvoo vs Ira Miles. Fined $5 for swearin[g], [$] 25 [for] disorderly or breach of ordinance. [several lines left blank] Walker wrote Copying Habeus Corpus court papers. (4)

-- Aug 29, 1843, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] Tuesday 29th. A.M at the Temple Pres. J. at my house with Mss Wdth. (7)

-- Aug 30, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30th I went out with Br Gregory & Davis to ketch oysters. We caught about 2 Bushels. We had a meal to roast. I visited the Saints in evening, & Preach to the saints & had a good time. Spent the night with Br Gregory. (1)

-- August 30, 1843
[Brigham Young] --30-- Rode with General Bennett and Brother Foster to Coney Island, where we bathed in the Atlantic. He requested me to baptize him, which I did, and we confirmed him and returned to his house, where we remained overnight and spent a pleasant time. (2)

-- Aug 30, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] August 30th, Wednesday Office 10 A.M. Wanted Esqu[ire] Phelps to write a letter to Clerk to come in the city. [several lines left blank] Walker continued on the court papers. (4)

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