Mormon History, Oct 9, 1843

-- Oct 9, 1843
[Nauvoo Temple] At the special conference the Temple Committee reported that the lack of teams and provisions was delaying the temple's construction. Alpheus Cutler called for greater exertions, saying that the walls could be completed next year. The Saints voted to "use all the means, exertions and influence in [their] power, to sustain the Temple Committee in advancing the work of the temple " (1)

-- Oct 9, 1843 (Monday Afternoon)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Source: James Burgess Notebook -Words of Joseph Smith, 254-55) A great many men suppose there is no difference between a spirit [DEL: an angel :DEL] and a spirit of a just man made perfect but Paul makes a distinction in the 12 chap of Hebrews he tells us that the Hebrew church had come into the presence of God and Angels and to the spirits of just men made perfect The spirit of a just man made perfect if he made his appearance he would appear or be enveloped in flaming fire and no man in this mortal state could endure it, but an angel could come and appear as an other man for Paul says be careful to entertain [DEL: an :DEL] strangers for some have entertained Angles unawares. But to prove spirits view the Saviour after his resurrection when he appeared unto his diciples. they were afraid and thought they had seen a spirit but he convinces them of their mistake by teling them to handle him for says he a spirit has not flesh and bones as ye see me have.
J Smith Prophet. (2)

-- Oct 9, 1843 (Monday Morning)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Source: Times and Seasons 4 -15 September 1843-: 330-32 -Words of Joseph Smith, 252) The business pertaining to the Temple was then announced by the President as next in order. . . .

President Joseph Smith presented and read to the Conference, a communication from Col. Frances M. Higbee, whose conduct had been called in question, in connection with elder Sidney Rigdon, and expressed himself satisfied that Col. Frances M. Higbee was free, even of reproach or suspicion, in that matter.

Conference adjourned for one hour. (2)

-- Oct 9, 1843 (Monday)
Addison Pratt, Noah Rogers, Benjamin F. Grouard and Knowlton F. Hanks sailed from New Bedford, Mass., on board the ship Timoleon, for the Pacific Islands. (3)

-- Oct 9, 1843, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] ... P.M. at the conference Prest. J. preached Judge Adams funeral sermon. The people were well edified and a very good feeling prevailed throughout. (4)

-- Oct 10, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, October 10th 1843 Saw Joseph at dinner table. [He] said he would attend municipal court next morning [at] 10 o'clock. [several lines left blank] President Hyrum Smith was appointed by the voice of the spirit one of the Temple Committee in place of Judge Higby [Higbee] deceased. (5)

[Nauvoo Temple] Several men had expressed a desire to serve on the Temple Committee, especially Jared Carter, in the place of the deceased Elias Higbee, but on this date Joseph Smith called Hyrum Smith as a member of the Temple Committee. (1)

[Polygamy] Benjamin Mitchell polygamous marriage to Lovina Buckwater (6)

-- Oct 10, 1843, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] Clayton stopped his Manchester friend, Arthur Smith, from cutting timber on Joseph's prairie property. (4)

-- Oct 11, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, October 11th 1843 About home A.M. P.M. with Hiram, W[illia]m Law and ladies to John Benbow's. (5)

-- Oct 11, 1843. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] A.M. at home sick. P.M. at President Joseph's. He is gone to Benbows to dine &c...Evening B[enjamin] F. Johnson came to meet Joseph and Hyrum. At about 8 W[illia]m Walker came to say Joseph and H[yrum] could not come untill morning. (7)

-- Oct 12, 1843
Thursday evening prayer circle at Mansion House; anointing and endowment for Alpheus Cutler and Reynolds Cahoon; Amasa M. Lyman and John Taylor were only Anointed Quorum members absent . (8)

John Alpheus Cutler: Received endowment 12 October 1843. (9)

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