Mormon History, Aug 18, 1843

-- Aug 18, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th I spent the day writing. I wrote two Letters one to Sister Betsy Cossett & one to Br Dwight Webster and in the evening I met with Elder O. Pratt & others & held a meeting at west Nantmeal Seminary. I spoke & was followed by Elder O. Pratt. We spent the night at Mr Henry Buckwater's. 3 miles. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, August 18th 8 A.M. Conversing with Mr. Swartout. 10 [A.M.] with John D. Parker. I called with LaForest at his house. (2)

[Polygamy] Joseph Smith instructs Samuel James in the principle of plural marriage. (3)

-- Aug 18, 1843, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 18th. ... Prest. J. instructed Er Sl. James in the order of the Holy Priesthood. ... I had some conversation with bro. Whitney & have learned that Farrs family are conspiring with Walkers boys & girls & they with E. to accomplish my downfall. I find they are my secret enemies but I fear them not for God who knows the secrets of all hearts knows mine also. I told M. of this & ascertained that she had ackowledged to A. that I had slept with her and if it never had been done (our union) it should not be. This of course has given him a plea and a weapon against me. At night my wifes mother had another fit of delirium, which fills us all with sorrow, and I think we have a good share. (4)

-- Aug 19, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th We commenced a two days meeting in a groove at Br Millars in Uwehland township. I preached in the forenoon & Elder O Pratt in the Afternoon. I spent the night at Br Millers. Distance <of the day> 12.

The following was Composed by Elder Lorenzo Barnes, which I took from An Album at the house of Mr Mosleys centerville New Castle Co Del.


Virtue O virtue thou Jem from Above

More Charming than beauty more endearing than love

More Precious than Jewels and jems of the earth

Or titles of honour desending by Birth.

Behold the Bright rainbow that Circles the skye

While bending to earth with its bow far on high.

Its Colors of Beauty with rapture behold

In order and splendor enchanting unfold.

But what are the colors that are to be seen

In the bow of the cloud of red blue and green

Compared with those colors which virtue combine

Those heaven born treasures displayed in the mind.

The bow of the cloud's soon faded and gone

Its painted on rain and receds with the storm

But virtue a Princes in glory arayed

Which time Cannot varnish nor eternity fade.

Virtues dominion is not among clouds

Nor oft is she seen mid the gay and the proud.

Her throne is her purity her kingdom in mind

With modesty Prudence and meekness combine.

Thus Elvira let virtue be ever your aim

Its light and its glory emblazen your name.

Then Charmes o'er your Temples forever shall bloom

They'll flourish through time and revive o'er the tomb.

Lorenzo D. Barnes (1)

The anti-Mormon meeting is held in Carthage. Walter Bagby and others address the group. A committee of six is appointed to draw up articles against Joseph Smith. (5)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, August 19th 1843 Willard called on the President. Gave him $4.00 left as security by LaForest. LaForest left in the night leaving the cannon &c. in the store. /About/ 200 citizens assembled in Carthage to consult about the Mormons. (2)

-- Aug 19, 1843, Saturday
[William Clayton Writings] Saturday 19. ... evening went to Prest. J's did not see him. M. says D. Farr said to day she believed M & I was vexed at her & she almost felt disposed alomost to go to every house in the city & tell all she knew & then come hom & kill herself. I felt my heart acke to night when we lay down being down stairs & M. up. My sould loves M. & my desire is to see her happy & comfortable. Oh may the Lord bless her. (4)

-- Aug 19, 1843. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Â…evening went to President Joseph's did not see him. M[argaret] says D[iantha] Farr said to day she believed M[argaret] and I was vexed at her and she almost felt disposed almost to go to every house in the city and tell all she knew and then come home and kill herself. I felt my heart ac[h]e to night when we lay down being down stairs and M[argaret] up. My soul loves M[argaret] and my desire is to see her happy and comfortable. Oh may the Lord bless her. (6)

-- August 19th 1843
[High Council Minutes]

Council met according to adjt at Hirams office. W. Marks & Cowles Presiding.

Present 1) Bent 2) Allred 3) Wilson 4) Cutler 5) Fulmer 6) Harris 7) Grover 8) 2) Daniel S. Miles pro tem 3) Wilson 4) Andrew Lumeraux 5) Fulmer 6) Harris 7) Grover 8) Johnson 9) Knight 10) Huntington 11) Soby 12) Robt Stone. Prayer by G.W. Harris

Samuel T. Winegar against James Rollins.


"August 12th 1843.

To the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I hereby prefer a charge against James Rollins for taking my wheat which grew on the land which he sold to Br Elisha Turner

Samuel T Winegar"

defendant plead not guilty. Two were appointed to speak on a side, Viz: 9) Knight, 10) Huntington 11) Soby and 12 Robt Stone. The defendant objected to Andrew Lumeraux sitting on the Council on the ground that he had given his opinion judgement against him previously after which Robt Stone took the place of A. Lumeraux and Hosea Stout took the place of R. Stone. The charge was sustained decided by President Marks that the defendant pay the plaintiff the amount of wheat taken which appeared to be about five or six bushels, in a reasonable time say two months, or be disfellowshiped, which was unanimously sanctioned by the Council. Adjd till next Saturday the 26th at 2 o'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout, Clerk (7)

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