Mormon History, Aug 26, 1843

-- Aug 26, 1843
[Joseph Smith] Jonathon Dunham returns to Nauvoo after having been sent to explore the western areas of Iowa, 800 miles west of Nauvoo. This is the first example of Joseph's sending out scouts to explore routes to the West for a possible removal of the Church to those parts. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, August 26th /1843/ About 3 o'clock P.M. Joseph came in the office. Clayton was in. In a few minutes went out and met Hyrum and returned.

Capt[ain] Black Hawk was in the street, yesterday returned from Council Bluff. Widow Granger was in to see about her deed for her lot. (2)

[Polygamy] Joseph Smith meets with Flora Ann Woodworth and her mother. (3)

-- Aug 26, 1843. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] Â…Hyrum and I rode up to my house and Joseph met Mrs. W[oo]d[wor]th and F[lora] and conversed some timeÂ…President Joseph and I walked from my house to Sister [Elizabeth] Durfee's and thence to his house. (4)

-- Aug 26, 1843, Saturday
[William Clayton Writings] Saturday 26th. ... Hyrum & I rode up to my house & J met Mrs Wdth & F. and conversed some time. ... Prest. J and I walked from my house to sis Durfee's and thence to his house. (5)

-- Aug 27, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle of Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Newel K. Whitney, Willard Richards, William Law, and William Marks at Joseph Smith's Mansion House . (6)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 27th Conference met at half past 10 oclock according to adjournment. Meeting opened by singing. Prayer by Elder Grant. Meeting was then addressed by Elder W. Woodruff from 2d Epistle of Peter 1st ch. 20, 21 verses. He remarked that if the prophesies that had been fulfilled were fulfilled litterally in like manner would those pro-phesies which are still to be fullfilled be done litterally. And that the gathering of the Saints, the building of Zion, the gathering of the Jews the rebuilding of Jerrusalem, the esstablishing of the church & kingdom of God in the last days The preaching of the gospel to all the world was an event looked for by the latter day saints & not withstanding these things are unpopular & not looked for or believed in By the world yet we feel incouraged to persevere & press forward in assisting to accomplish these great & glorious things with a firm belief that they will as truly be brought to pass and perfected as those th
ings prophesied were in ancient days. He also bore testimony of the Truth of the Book of Mormon, covenants, & A prophet of God. Elder Kimball followed & made some Appropriate remarks, when the meeting adjourned two hours.

Elder J. E. Page addressed the meeting in the afternoon, on the testimony of the Book of Mormon & that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He quoted to many passages in the doctrins & covenants & Book of Mormon that prophesied of things that should take place which had actually come to pass according to the prophesies. He spoke quite lengthy upon the subject & brought much testimony to proove the truth of the position He Had taken.

At the close of his discourse some church business was attended to as Elder L. R. Foster was about to go to Nauvoo it was necessary that another should be appointed in his stead to preside in New York. A vote was call[ed] to know if they /the church/ was perfectly satisfyed with Elders Foster's labours & procedings as Presiding Elder in the Church; the vote was unanimous. Elder Foster resigned his office & Elder /Geo L Seach/ was appointed president of the Church in New York By a vot of the same After which several Children were blessed & the meeting adjourned untill evening; At which time Elder O. Pratt addressed the people concerning the Book of Mormon.

He spoke in an edifying manner concerning the Book of Mormon its history what it was &c. That it was a History of nearly one half of the globe & the people that inhabited it, that it gave a history of all those cities that have been of late discoverd by Cartherwood & Stephens, that it named those cities That it spoke of the esstablishing of our goverment & what is more highly interesting it reveals its final fate & destiny, so that by reading the Book of mormon you can clearly see what will befal this nation, and what will be its final end. In that Book you will find recorded the pure principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by himself on the continant of America so plain that no two persons could disagree as to the points of doctrin set forth. Many interesting remarks he made upon this subject then bore testimony of the truth of Joseph Smith sen. being a true Prophet of God & that the Book of Mormon was true & that the Church of the Latter day saints was the true
church of God & after finishing his testimony he commenced and preached another sermon & spoke in all a little short of two hours.

After he closed we blessed 5 children & attended to some other duties. We dismissed the people. I dined with Br Ilus Carter & spent the night with Elder Foster. Mr Carter attended [--] in the morning. (7)

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