Mormon History, Aug 20, 1843

-- Aug 20, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 20th Sunday I wrote a letter to Elder M. Holmes Before meeting. We assembled at the grove at the time appointed & a good congregation came together. I addressed them in the fore part of the day from the following words: "If our gospel be hid it be hid from them that are lost &c. I felt much of the spirit of testimony & felt that there were many hearts to receive. At the close of the meeting the people flocked around the Stand to obtain our Facsimilee's of the plates and Books &c. They Bought $4.75 worth of them. We dined at Br Harts. During intermission we lade hands upon Br Malin the Presiding Elder & several other Elders.

In the afternoon the congregation again assembled & was addressed by Elder O Pratt. He spoke in much of the power & demonstration of the spirit of God from Rev 22 ch. first clause of the 3d vers and there shall be no more curse. He commenced with the fall the curse that came on the earth & continued the subject untill the end & every curse was taken off. Traced the subject through the Millinnium second advent of Christ, the Binding of Satan, peace for one thousand years the numerous increase of the inhabitants of the earth, & the letting loose of Satan, his going up with the hosts of the earth that he had deceived & Compassing the camp of the Saints & the Beloved city & fire came down from heaven & devoured them. A great white throne appeared. The Saints & cities were cought up to God, the Heavens & earth passed away & the Lord made a new heavens & new earth. The Saints cities & New Jerrusalem &c came down from God out of heaven & rested upon the new earth & the last enemy d
estroyed was death. Then Jesus Christ deliverd it up to his father as pure &c.

At the Close of the meeting the people adminis-te[re]d to our necessities. They gave us $11.75 which we divided among us. Elder Pratt adminis-te[re]d the ordinance of Baptism to one person which we confirmed at the waters edge. We then took the parting hand with the saints & rode home with Priest John Bowen Lionville Chester Co Pa & spent the night. We Blessed the family. Distance of the day 3 m.

+ I dreamed last night that I was in Nauvoo & our cow was lost & I thought it Best to advertise her that we might find her. But I hope she is not lost. (1)

William Clayton records aspects of the polygamous dating scene in Nauvoo: "M[argaret] came up stairs to me -P.M. I went to Sister Booths and had some conversation about S[ara]h A[nn] at Sister B's request. I have evidence that S[arah] A[nn] is true to me and desire to receive her. I also had talk with M[ary] Aspen who is in trouble. P[arley] P. P[ratt] has through his wife made proposals to her but she is dissatisfied. Sister P[ratt] is obstinate. When P[arley] went away Sister P. cautioned A. against me and said the Twelve would have more glory than me &c. I tried to comfort her and told her what her privilege was." (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, August 20th 1843 Saw the President [Joseph Smith] about 10 A.M. at home. (3)

-- Aug 20, 1843, Sunday
[William Clayton Writings] (4)

-- Aug 21, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 21st I took the parting hand with the saints & we rode to Oakland Hotel. There took railroad to Philadelphia in Company with James Sloam & his wife. We saw Elder Grant. Found the rest of the twelve had left the city for New York. Distance of the day 40 miles. Fare $3. (1)

Joseph Smith's personal secretary, William Clayton, writes: "E[mma] asked if I handed 2 letters to Joseph which she showed me. I had not done it. I satisfied her I had not. They appeared to be from E[liza] R[oxcy] Snow and President Joseph found them in his pocket. E[mma] seemed vexed and angry." Joseph had taken Eliza R. Snow as a plural wife on Jun 29, 1842. (2)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received a letter written by Mr. J. Hall of Independence, Missouri, breathing hard things against us as a people, which he forwarded along with some additional remarks to Thomas Ford, governor of Illinois. (5)

[Joseph Smith Diary] August 21st, Monday Having received a letter from Esqu[ire] Patrick covering one from J. Hall Esqu[ire], Independance, M[iss]o[uri,] gave instruction to have them copied with some additional remarks and sent to Governor Ford. Copied accordingly.

Many folks at house. Rode out.

P.M. Held court Nauvoo vs Frederick J. Mosser on Temperance ordinance. Fined $3 and costs. (3)

[Polygamy] Emma becomes angry upon discovering letters to Joseph from Eliza R. Snow in his pocket. (6)

-- Aug 22, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d Spent part of the day at Br Hammers. Visited fairmount of the Philadelphia waterworks & found it to be a splended seeneery. I spent the evening in company with Elder O. Pratt J. M. Grant & B. Winchester. (1)

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