Mormon History, Jun 3, 1831

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-- Jun 3, 1831
[Whitmer, John] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831 by Lyman Wight. (1)

[Wight, Lyman] Ordained to High Priesthood 3 June 1831. (1)

-- Jun 3, 1831-6
Fourth general Conference of Church held, Kirtland township. Brethren first ordained to the High Priesthood. [See High Priest; Conferences: General Conference.] (2)

-- Jun 4, 1831
Nineteen men are ordained High Priests, including Joseph Smith, Jr., Lyman Wight, and Edward Partridge. Isaac Morley and John Corrill are ordained assistants to Bishop Partridge. (3)

-- Jun 5, 1831
Dr. Cephas Dodd, tells of Spalding Story Manuscript found in the Wilds of Mormon. Claims The Book of Mormon was copied from it. (4)

-- After Jun 5, 1831
Sidney Rigdon asks Levi Hancock to build a desk and an office for him. Levi Hancock gives money to Sidney Rigdon, as Sidney has none. (4)

-- Jun 6, 1831
According to Joseph Knight Sr. , Copley was cut off for refusing to consecrate his property. The Colesville branch left Copley's property some time in June and moved about 90 miles southeast to Wellsville on the Ohio River. (5)

D&C 52: Missionary assignments made. Brethren to travel in pairs to Missouri, preaching as they go and taking different routes. Transfer blessing of Heman Basset (in transgression) to Symonds Ryder. Oliver to give to give Joseph, Sidney, and Edward recommends to take with them to Zion. (5)

D&C 53 (Kirtland): Algernon Sidney Gilbert to be the bishop's agent. (5)

D&C 54: Colesville church to move from Leman Copley's land in Kirtland to Missouri under Newel Knight. (5)

Early June Leman Copley evicts the Colesville church from his farm in Thompson. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Jared Carter writes, "Brother Joseph notwithstanding he is not naturaly talanted for a Speaker yet he was idled with the power of the holy Ghost." In 1853 Joseph Smith announced a revelation appointing Sidney Rigdon as his "spokesman." (6)

[Marsh, Thomas Baldwin] Ordained high priest by Lyman Wight 6 June 1831. Appointed to travel to Missouri with Ezra Thayer. Thayer slow preparing to leave; Marsh left with Selah J. Griffin. (1)

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