Mormon History, Jan 10, 1831

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-- Jan 10, 1831
[Corrill, John] Baptized 10 January 1831. (1)

John Corrill (a Campbellite) joins Church. (2)

-- Jan 11, 1831
Eber D. Howe, publisher of the Painesville Telegraph, writes William W. Phelps in Canandaigua, New York, for information on Mormonism-probably not knowing Phelps had received a Book of Mormon on April 9, 1830 and had met Joseph on December 24. (3)

Eight cut off from the Church [per Orson Pratt]. (2)

-- Jan 13, 1831
Missionaries arrive at Independence. Peter Whitmer works as a tailor and Ziba Peterson as a teacher to support the mission while Oliver, Parley, and Frederick cross into Indian territory to convert the Lamanites. (They are expelled in a few days by an Indian agent enforcing federal laws prohibiting unauthorized whites in the territory.) Peter Whitmer (3)

-- Jan 15, 1831
[W. W. Phelps response:] I had ten hours discourse with a man from your state named Sidney Rigdon, a convert to its doctrines, and he declared it was true, and he knew it by the power of the Holy Ghost, which was again given to man in preparation for the millennium: he appeared to be a man of talents and sincere in his profession. (3)

-- about Jan 15, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith reportedly saw in vision the face of Newel K. Whitney, who would later receive him and his wife, Emma Smith, in Kirtland, Ohio, on February 1. (4)

-- Jan 18, 1831
Mormonism.-A young gentleman by the name of Whitmer arrived here last week from Manchester, New York, the seat of wonders, with a new batch of revelations from God, as he pretended, which have just been communicated to Joseph Smith. As far as we have been able to learn their contents, they are a more particular description of the creation of the world, and a history of Adam and his family, and other sketches of the ante-diluvian world, which Moses neglected to record. "Mormonism," PT, Jan. 18, 1831.
But the more important part of the mission was to inform the brethren that the boundaries of the promised land, or the New Jerusalem, had just been made known to Smith from God- the township of Kirtland, a few miles west of this, is the eastern line and the Pacific Ocean the western line; if the north and south lines have been described, we have not learned them. Orders were also brought to the brethren to sell no more land, but rather buy more. Joseph Smith and all his forces are to be on here soon to take possession of the promised land. (3)

-- Jan 23, 1831
School of the Prophets established [per Zebedee Coltrin]. (2)

-- Jan 24, 1831
(Monday) after delivering a sermon at the court house, Sidney takes the stage from Waterloo bound for Kirtland. Letter to the editor of Jan. 26, Palmyra Reflector, Feb. 1, 1831, (3)

Late January Joseph, Emma, Sidney, and Edward start for Kirtland "T<o>wards the latter part of January." (3)

The Prophet, Spouse, and whole "holy family" as they style themselves,) will follow Rigdon, so soon as their deluded or hypocritical followers, shall be able to dispose of what little real property they possess in this region; one farm (Whitmers) was sold a few days ago for $2,300. Their first place of destination is understood to be a few miles west of Painesville, Ohio, (the present place of the Elder's residence) which is just within the east bounds of this new land of promise, which extends from thence to the Pacific Ocean (3)

Waterloo is 28 miles southeast of Palmyra.Waterloo is 28 miles southeast of Palmyra. (3)

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