Mormon History, 1831 3-6 June

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-- 1831 3-6 June
First high priests ordained. (1)

-- 3-Jun 6, 1831
[Lucy Mack Smith] At the fourth general conference of the church, held at Kirtland, about 200 attend. Among the mission assignments, Hyrum is commanded to go to Missouri by way of Detroit. Samuel Smith and Reynolds Cahoon are instructed to be companions. (2)

-- Jun 3, 1831
[Booth, Ezra] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831 by Lyman Wight. (3)

[Cahoon, Reynolds] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831 by Joseph Smith. (3)

[Corrill, John] Ordained high priest and set apart as assistant to Bishop Edward Partridge 3 June 1831. (3)

Conference (Kirtland): First ordinations to the High Priesthood, Lyman Wight has a vision of the Father and the Son, prophesies that the Second Coming will occur in this generation, some will be martyred. (4)

[Harris, Martin] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831. Member of Literary and United firms. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ at a conference of elders where the first high priests were ordained. (5)

[Joseph Smith] The Melchizedek priesthood and the office of high priest are conferred on previously ordained elders. Lyman Wight, the first ordained high priest, ordains Joseph Smith to that office. (6)

[Partridge, Edward] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831. (3)

[Pratt, Parley Parker] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831. (3)

[Smith, Samuel Harrison] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831. (3)

[Thayer, Ezra] Ordained high priest 3 June 1831 by Lyman Wight. In Section 52 directed to accompany Thomas B. Marsh to Missouri; unable to prepare in time and did not go. (3)

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