Mormon History, about May 9, 1831

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-- about May 9, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Hiram, Ohio. Joseph and Emma Smith adopted the twin children of John Murdock, whose wife, Julia, died during childbirth. (1)

-- May 10, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Hiram, Ohio. Joseph Smith baptized Luke S. Johnson. (1)

-- May 13, 1831-14
Joseph tours Cuyahoga county (Orange, Warrensville, Bedford) with Reynolds Cahoon and Parley P. Pratt . (2)

-- May 14, 1831
Colesville church arrives in Painesville after crossing Lake Erie from Buffalo. (2)

-- May 17, 1831
or 24 About two hundred men, women and children, of the deluded followers of Jo Smith's Bible speculation have arrived on our coast during the last week, from the State of New York, & are about seating themselves down upon the "promised land" in this county. Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, Jun. 25, 1831, citing PT of May 17 or 24. To be consistent with the arrival date of May 14, it would have to be the May 17 issue. (2)

-- May 20, 1831
D&C 51 (Thompson, Ohio): Instructions to Edward Partridge on organizing the Colesville Branch, which had settled on Leman Copley's farm in Thompson; consecration and stewardship. Not included in Book of Commandments. D&C 51:1-19 (2)

[Revelations] Thompson, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 51. Consecration and stewardship. Bishop Edward Partridge deeds what is needed to families. Excommunicants retain deeded property but bishop retains their surplus for the poor and for his own family's needs. Be one. Behave as though this were a permanent settlement until the Lord directs otherwise. This is a church-wide policy. Eternal life promised to participants.
Kirtland Revelations Book, 87-89 (copied before August 27, 1834), heading: Thompson [DEL: August :DEL] May 20, 1831.
Not in the printed the Book of Commandments.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 23 heading: Revelation given May, 1831.
"Not long after - the saints from the state of New York began to come on, and it seemed necessary to settle them, at the solicitation of Bishop Partridge, I inquired and received the following. " Joseph Smith draft history (1839) in Joseph Smith Papers 1:352.
Kirtland Revelations Book/1835 Doctrine and Covenants 23.
Bishop's instructions. (3)

-- May 26, 1831
In June they are all to meet, and hold a kind of [jubilee] in this new 'land of promise,' where they are to work diverse miracles-among others that of raising the dead. It is said there are soon to be miraculous births among them, and the number it is expected, will [be] materially increased after the general meeting. According to Dale Broadhurst, there was a rumor that "one of Joseph Smith's sisters was secretly impregnated by Sidney Rigdon." (2)

Strange as it may appear, it is an unquestionable fact, that this singular sect have, within three or four weeks, made many proselytes in this county. The number of believers in the faith, in three or four of the Northern Townships, is said to exceed one hundred-among whom are many intelligent and respectable individuals. The prospects of obtaining still greater numbers in this county, is daily increasing. (2)

We understand that a new arrival of Mormonites has taken place-some two hundred men, women and children having lately landed in Geauga county, their holy land, from New York. They have commenced a new settlement, in the township of Thompson, near the line of Ashtabula county, thus extending the holy land farther east than the limits originally fixed.They have full faith in the Mormon doctrine, having as they say, worked a miracle in clearing a passage through the ice at Buffalo, by which they sailed several days sooner than other vessels. Western Courier (Ravenna, Ohio), May 26, 1831. (2)

-- May 27, 1831
1831 Several families, numbering about fifty souls, took up their line of march from this town last week for the "promised land," among whom is Martin Harris, one of the original believers in the "Book of Mormon." Mr. Harris was among the early settlers of this town, and has ever borne the character of an honorable and upright man, and an obliging and benevolent neighbor. He had secured to himself by honest industry a respectable fortune-and he has left a large circle of acquaintances and friends to pity his delusion. "Mormon Emigration," Wayne Sentinel, May 27, 1831. (2)

Early June Newspapers report earthquake in Peking. Symonds Ryder is baptized. (2)

last week: The Sentinel publishes on Fridays, the Telegraph on Tuesdays. If the Palmyra/Manchester company left on the Erie Canal on Saturday, May 21, they might have reached Painesville in time to be counted in a May 24 Telegraph estimate. (2)

1 - BYU Studies Journal, volume 46, no. 4: A Chronology of the Life of Joseph Smith
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