Mormon History, 1831

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-- 1831
[Smith, Don Carlos] Moved to Ohio 1831. (1)

[Smith, William B] Moved to Ohio 1831. (1)

[Whitmer, John] Began history of Church, called "The Book of John Whitmer," which spanned years 1831-38. (1)

-- 1831
Joseph Smith begins work on an inspired translation of the Bible. (2)

The concept of the gathering is put in place during this year. (2)

-- 1831?-1844
W.W. Phelps -- primary scribal author for this period. Writings used in assembling The History of the Church (often cited as HC) (originally entitled History of Joseph Smith; first published under the title History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; nicknamed Documentary History of the Church or DHC) (3)

-- Between 1792 and 1831
Martin Harris (a farmer) lives in Palmyra, NY; knew Joseph Smith and often hired him as a farm hand. During this period, Harris was a Quaker, a Methodist, and a Universalist; reportedly, he was known as a religious "hysteric" and prone to visions. (4)

-- 1831 January
Joseph Smith, Jun., moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where he arrived about the first of February. (5)

Joseph Smith, Jr. moves to Kirtland, Ohio. (6)

[Joseph Smith] [Joseph Smith] Moves to Kirtland, Ohio, area. (7)

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