Mormon History, Jan 24, 1831

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-- Jan 24, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith and others saw in vision the growth of the Church. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma with Sidney Rigdon, Edward Partridge, and Joseph (not Newel) Knight Sr. leave for Ohio, arriving 1 February. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1831
On 24 January, Rigdon leaves Fayette by stage, while "The prophet Spouse, and while 'holy family' (as they style themselves) will follow Rigdon, so soon as their deluded or hypocritical followers shall be able to dispose of what little real property they possess in this region: one farm (Whitmar's [sic]) was sold a few days ago for $2,300. Plain Truth to PT, Feb. 1, 1831. (3)

-- Jan 29, 1831
Oliver to Joseph: 25 miles from Shawnees on south side of Kansas River at its mouth; has not heard from Joseph since he and other missionaries left in fall 1830; deep snow; met with chief and 18-20 council members; chief said "they were very glad for what I their Brother had told them and they had recived it in their hearts &c-But how the matter will go with this tribe to me is uncirtain." Joseph to Hyrum, Mar. 3, 1831 (3)

-- 1831 January -May
Members from New York branches moved to Ohio. (4)

-- Jan 30, 1831
Sidney tells his Kirtland congregation that Joseph will arrive soon, challenges the world to refute the Book of Mormon. (But when Thomas Campbell offers to debate, Sidney is so offended by Campbell's letter that he tosses it into the fire.) (3)

-- 1831 February
Joseph and Emma Smith reach Kirtland; other church members will join them in the spring. For the next six years, Smith will be based there and will announce some 65 revelations, most pertaining to church structure and organization. (5)

-- 1831, early February
[Joseph Smith] After traveling more than 250 miles from New York, arrives in Kirtland, Ohio. (6)

-- Feb 1831
Joseph Smith has revelation; includes " one wife and no one else." (7)

-- Feb 1, 1831
Joseph Smith arrived at Newel K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, OH, and commenced ministry there. (8)

Joseph Smith arrived at the Newel K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, Ohio. (4)

"Feb. 1, 1831.-Mr. Rigdon just returned from the state of New York. Two days after, I accompanied several friends to Mr. R.'s residence, and found him in conversation with a Methodist elder. M.S.C., letter to the editor, PT, Feb. 15, 1831. (3)

"Mr. Smith arrived at Kirtland the next day (3)

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