Mormon History, 1831 January

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-- 1831 January
[Joseph Smith] Two revelations concerning James Covell, a Baptist minister, are given (BC 41-42; LDS and RLDS D&C 39-40). [FAYETTE,] (1)

-- Late Jan 1831
Joseph Smith (25) starts for Kirtland, OH with Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge; arrives early Feb. And stays with Newel K. Whitney [per Smith]. (2)

-- Jan 1, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Joseph and Emma move to Kirtland, Ohio. (3)

-- Jan 2, 1831
D&C 38 (Fayette): Wicked are kept in chains of darkness until the judgment; land of promise governed by God's law when the Lord returns; be one; gather in Ohio, where God's law will be given and the people will be endowed with power; care for the poor. (4)

Sidney on the Early Days (4)

The log home in Fayette Township (but closer to the town of Waterloo) was 20 x 30, with two rooms on the main floor and one or two rooms in the attic story. Organizational origins, 150-151. (4)

Third conference of the church, Peter Whitmer Sr.'s home in Fayette, New York (no minutes known). (4)

Church holds third conference, Fayette, NY. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Fayette, New York. During the third conference of the Church, which was held at the Peter Whitmer Sr. home, Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 38, a revelation calling the Saints to gather in Ohio. (5)

[Joseph Smith] The third conference of the church takes place in Fayette; revelation is received (BC 40; LDS and RLDS D&C 38). [FAYETTE,] (1)

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