Mormon History, 1831

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-- 1831
Martin Harris moves to Kirtland. (1)

Wycam Clark, with others (including Northrop Sweet), apostates and gets a revelation that he's the true Revelator and Prophet: starts the "Pure Church of Christ" with six members (1)

[Knight, Joseph, Sr] Moved to Kirtland, Ohio, 1831. (2)

[Knight, Newel] Led Colesville Branch to Jackson County, Missouri, June-July 1831. (2)

[Phelps, William Wines] Baptized 1831. (2)

[Phelps, William Wines] Prominent Church leader 1831-38. (2)

[Pratt, Orson] Preached with Lyman Wight to Lorain County, Ohio, early 1831. (2)

[Pratt, Orson] Returned to Ohio late 1831. (2)

[Pratt, Parley Parker] Resided in Jackson County, Missouri, 1831-33. (2)

[Schism] Pure Church of Christ; Wycam Clark (organizer); Split off/Continuation of Church of Christ; Now Defunct; First schismatic sect in the Latter Day Saint movement; formed prior to the death of Joseph Smith. (3)

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