Mormon History, about May 30, 1831

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-- about May 30, 1831
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 50, a revelation in response to Elder Parley P. Pratts descriptions of strange spiritual manifestations that were sweeping through the Church. (1)

-- 1831 June
After missionaries reach Missouri and settle in Independence, Smith leads a group of Mormons from Kirtland west to Independence, which, according to the story, God has revealed will be the gathering place for Mormons and the site of a "New Jerusalem." In August they lay the cornerstone for a temple; within a year, more than 800 more church members have moved to the area. Yet Smith decides to keep his headquarters in Kirtland. (2)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. and company start for Jackson County, Mo. (3)

-- Jun 1831
Joseph Smith announces "high priesthood." (4)

Joseph Smith visits missionaries in Missouri [per Oliver Cowdery]. (4)

William W. Phelps baptized. (4)

-- June 1831
[Booth, Ezra] Appointed to travel to Missouri with Isaac Morley June 1831. (5)

[Booth, Ezra] Ordained elder before June 1831. (5)

[Cahoon, Reynolds] Appointed to travel to Jackson County, Missouri, with Samuel H. Smith June 1831. (5)

[Corrill, John] Appointed to travel with Lyman Wight to Jackson County, Missouri, June 1831. (5)

[Corrill, John] Ordained elder before June 1831. (5)

[Hancock, Levi Ward] Appointed by revelation to travel to Jackson County, Missouri, June 1831 with Zebedee Coltrin; had much success, establishing large branch of Church in Winchester, Indiana. Eight children: Mosiah, Sariah, Elizabeth Amy, Francis Marion, John Reed, Levison, Levi W. and Joseph Smith. (5)

[Knight, Joseph, Sr] Left Ohio for Jackson County, Missouri, June 1831. Resided in Jackson, Clay, and Caldwell counties in Missouri. (5)

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