Mormon History, Jul 26, 1831

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-- Jul 26, 1831
we [Colesville branch] landed in uper Misouria the 26th of the same Month [July]. We found our selves among strangers But the people seamed to Be frindley with us. And in a few Day[s] Joseph and Sidney and a number of Brotherin came and they looked out and Enterd a Considrible of Land, for the People to Settle on. (1)

-- late July 1831
[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy returns to Kirtland. (2)

-- 1831 August
Peter Whitmer Jr. leaves Independence for Ohio (exact date not specified). Peter Whitmer Jr. report, (1)

-- Aug 1831
Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith go to Kirtland [per Oliver Cowdery]. (3)

-- August 1831
[Partridge, Edward] Directed to move family to Missouri August 1831. Responsible for allocating inheritances to Saints in Jackson County, Missouri. Member of United Firm. (4)

[Phelps, William Wines] Directed to reside in Jackson County, Missouri, August 1831. Edited Evening and Morning Star. Member of Literary Firm. (4)

-- Aug 1, 1831
D&C 58 (Independence): obey civil law, do good without being commanded, some not ready to gather. Ziba Peterson stripped of "that which has been bestowed upon [him]." (1)

[Joseph Smith] Jackson County, Missouri. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 58, a revelation concerning the Saints in their new place of gathering. (5)

-- August 1 or 2, 1831
[Revelations] Jackson County, Missouri. Doctrine and Covenants 58. Cannot see God with natural eyes-yet. Blessings after tribulation. Zion fulfills prophecy. Edward Partridge and W. W. Phelps rebuked. No need to break civil laws. Edward, Sidney Gilbert, and W. W. Phelps to move to Zion. Do good without being commanded. Slothful servants damned. Purchase entire region. Otherwise, may have to shed blood. Gather only as counseled. Signs follow those who believe.
Book of Commandments 59 heading: A Revelation to the elders of the church, assembled on the land of Zion, given August, 1831.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 18 heading: Revelation given in Zion, August, 1831. (6)

-- Aug 2, 1831
Saints laid first log for a schoolhouse as a foundation of Zion, Kaw Township, Jackson Co., MO. Sidney Rigdon consecrated land of Zion by prayer. (7)

Zion dedicated by Sidney Rigdon. (8)

Sidney leads the brethren in pledging to receive the land in Missouri as an inheritance, to keep the laws of God, and see that those who follow also keep the laws of God. He then consecrates and dedicates the land. (1)

The land of Zion was consecrated and dedicated by prayer for the gathering of the Saints. (9)

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