Mormon History, Jul 9, 1849

[Orson Pratt] Dear President Pratt.--Having seen so many testimonials in the STAR of late, concerning the gift of healing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I forward the following to you on the same subject, for insertion in your bright luminary of the latter-day, desirous of adding my testimony to the many concerning this glorious work. On the 8th of May, 1849, Elizabeth Bounsell brought her daughter Elizabeth Ann to be anointed with oil, as the child had a discharge in her neck--a decided case of scrofula. For four years the child was pronounced incurable by the most eminent of the faculty, and had been discharged from the infirmary as a hopeless case of ulceration. A few days before she was brought to us, Elder John Hakwell anointed her with oil, and laid his hands upon her, and the discharge ceased, and in a week it was healed up, and child was out skipping about. She is a wonder to saint and sinner. Some of the sectarian parsons have been to see her, and the sermon the mother preached, and the testimony she bore, almost struck them speechless.--This person may be seen or written to at No. 1, Lower Castle Street, Bristol.
There have been many other cases of healing in this city, which are highly satisfactory to us who have seen them, but may not be to others. I am also happy to say that the work of God is onward in this region. We have baptized between two and three hundred since I came here, and our prospects are good.--I feel happy to inform you that I have been down to Devonshire, and preached to the people in that county about three weeks, in which time I succeeded in baptizing and organizing eighteen persons into a branch. Since I left, I have sent Elder Edward Frost, who has taken a room in South Moulton, and has baptized as many more, making between thirty and forty Saints in that part, called the North Moulton Branch.
May the God of Joseph bless and direct all his faithful servants in the kingdom is the prayer of,
Your obedient servant,

[source: Miraculous Healing--Sectarian Parsons Confounded]

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