Mormon History, Jul 21, 1849

[Temple] [Minutes, July 21, 1849] ... Sat[urday] July 21st, 1849, Ensign Hill, 6 A.M. B[righam] Y[oung][,] Isaac Morley, P[arley] P. P[ratt][,] L[orenzo] Snow, E[rastus] Snow, C[harles] C. Rich, F[ranklin] D. R[ichards], Levi Hancock, Henry Harriman, J[edediah] M. Grant, and Addison Pratt. Prayer at 6 by Isaac Morley. All but br[other] Addison clothed and Pres[iden]t B[righam] Young prayed, consecrated the spot for the present purpose of giving br[other] A[ddison] Pratt his endowment, that we might have power to erect a standard that should be glorious in the eyes of all its beholders, that no unholy thing might come here, that thy servants may come here to offer up their prayers and obtain the ministration of angels, &c., &c. Pres[iden]t B[righam] Y[oung], C[harles] C. Rich, and E[rastus] Snow undressed and proceeded to wash and anoint ^br[other]^ A[ddison] Pratt[,] (C[harles] C. R[ich] to wash, E[rastus] S[now] to anoint.) Elder [Heber C.] Kimball, [Newel K.] Whitney, and [John] Taylor came after the ordinances. C[harles] C. Rich and A[ddison] Pratt were blessed by all, H[eber] C. K[imball] being mouth. Closed at 9 a.m.

[source: Anderson, Devery; The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000: A Documentary History,]

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