Mormon History, Aug 12, 1849 (Morning)

[Brigham Young Sermon] I was called about 19 years ago to preach when the voice of the spirit of the Lord called on me to embrace the most unpopular doctrine that could be preached to men - the voice of men would be raised against it - I did not as readily obey the command as many of my brethren - from my youth up I have studied the nature of man and mankind - was never entangled with any creed or code of doctrine - or the cunning devises of man though as eccentric in my nature as others - I had not in my youthful days the opportunity of becoming acquainted with literature or sciences - but when it was called at my hands - obedience is better than sacrifice and I have stood before the public a great deal - no man gets up with greater feelings than myself. I went to the sickle all my days till the voice out of the heavens called on me - and I hope never to hear many more preliminaries made - in my preaching get up to say what I have to say, and then sit down - I rise to speak the things necessary to this people; it is what you ought to attend to this day - instead of pointing out the glories of the eternal worlds and touch the feelings that they ought not to attend to - but rather to know what is wanting today one man said he knew God, angels, and could portray man. he died by wicked hands in Carthage Jail - he was caught up to the third heavens - he conversed with angels - and for that he sealed his testimony with his blood - if I declare the same I may expect to die a similar death - but let me tell the people what will make them happy this day. We are here - we shall soon pass away into another state of existence - and there is not a man who has not passed from this to an unknown world - I am possessed of faculties of deep penetration, thoughts - and can make myself happy, agreeable - I have ability to make peace instead of war - quiet instead of uproar and can make a life a perfect life of peace, and happiness - this I know rationally - I want to say to the saints, ye are the light of the world - and you cannot hide your light - to those who come here - peace prevails - we are established in the midst of the mountains - you found us in peace and I trust you will leave us in peace - I say to you promote peace in your companies - companies who are traveling to the diggings, or hell, if you do not go in peace you will find trouble ahead - that you know not of - I find men so full and eccentric in their feelings - and given to passion - that this day they would lay down his life for you - and tomorrow they would cut your throat - changeable beings are they when the breath of all the evils ones carry them captive where they know not - I caution you - be at peace - and while you are in this valley maintain peace and good order we are in the center of the earth and by and by we shall be the center spot for the light to be sent to the ends of the earth - now ye saints! I have beheld the folly of men - in the midst of the saints they get top heavy - and get blown up by the imaginations of their own hearts - we have seen men in our midst blown up and puffed up who have made shipwreck of their faith - When the cry of gold come in our ears - when we returned, the cry was all gold - in bars - lumps, rocks and sands - they taught that this was not the place for the saints - hurrah for riches - hurrah for honor - they were destitute of honor and good sense, and were carried captive by the will of the devil and will be cast down to hell - the cry was the crickets will eat you up - the frosts will freeze your toes - and it was hurrah for the gold - and the United States will bow to us - I say curse their pictures. I don't care for them - I bow to my God only - If I had all the gold of Ophir or the Indies heaped up - who would bring me bread - no one - what good would mountains of gold do us - the power is the God of Israel who feeds the ravens - and brings to pass his will and pleasure as seemeth him good - Saints have you seen the giddiness in this valley - I have had to coax and threaten them - and told them that we should be flooded by 1000s - gold is only good to go and preach the gospel and gather the poor - gold will sink a man to hell - at the final issue when the god of this world is disfranchised and the enemy of all righteousness is overpowered then you may pave your streets with gold and overlay your temples with gold - but now it flies away and is not - now do you see the folly of mankind? you have got to bear as much as God pleases - you who are deficient in your fences, go and mend them - if men had any brains they would not take a gang of mules through your grain - don't you know that the cattle is eating up the grain? where is your breadstuff? go and attend to your crops. you cannot go the settlements to get meat just waste away your time and it will be as Dr. Watts sang, life fools they live, like fools they die - my religion is - cease all iniquity - learn to save yourselves and those that hear you - the Mormons just know enough to take all the wisdom of the world - wind it round their fingers - put it in their pockets - and it will take four hours to find it again - and that is all the knowledge they have not enough to attend to do your duties this day - and if every one would do it - how long would it be before Zion would be established - when passion arises put it down - when any unlawful desire come up control it. be the captain of it - when a man is master of himself he can control what 1000s have been trying to command in this world we shall find we have been very limited in our knowledge - but it is enough for us to know - to take care of ourselves. I want that Council House commenced tomorrow, and not finished till all is done - then batten down this roof, etc. - a man who serves God his whole desire is for his master to guide, control and direct - and then why need I say pray - if you see like me and are saints you will pray - if not - it will be like fools they act - they live and by and by they die. I'll stop. -- SLC Bowery [Thomas Bullock Minutes, LJA; Thomas Bullock—LDS Church Reporter, 1844-56.C, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.; GCM, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah..; Leonard J. Arrington Papers, Special Collections, Merrill-Cazier Library, Utah State University, Logan.. (A reference reading LJA 12-55-5, 10, means LJA Series 12, Box 55, Folder 5, page 10.) 9-13-3, 77-79; General Church Minutes. Selected Collections from the Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints DVD 1 (2002)]

[source: The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009),]

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