Mormon History, Jul 18, 1849

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th I learned this morning I could not go to Miramichi untill the 20th. I walked into the City to try to get some New York papers to read. I called upon the Hon Mr Partlow M. P. who loaned me the New York Journal of Commerce which I read with much interest. I then walked through the City & found it to be a delightful situation upon the bank of the river. Location level with all of the streets runing west terminating 2 or 3 miles west of the City upon a High Mountain with a gradual ascent.
I saw a company of 24 Soldiers excercise by fireing musket balls at a target. Some 500 balls were fired at some 20 or 25 rods. About 5 of them Hit A board twice the size of a man. Some Half dozen hit the bulls eye 8 inch in diameter. The balls fell into the St Johns river some half a mile distant.
I visited the grave yard And A large Cathedral building. I learned from the papers that there had been 1,300 deaths in one week in Cincinnati & about the same No in St Louis. I Attended A Prysbeterian meeting. The priest sprinkled A Child & Called it baptism. It was an abomination in the sight of God.

[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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