Mormon History, Oct 5, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Tuesday Oct 5th 1847. The Horn is about 9 rods wide and can be forded in many places but it is too deep at the crossing[.] It is a good & comfortable place to encamp with plenty of timber & convenient to water stock. The stream is not miry in many places. We started home earley & went on to the Bluffs and there took a good view of the Horn & platte bottoms or plains all then in full bloom which lay before us in a beautifull leavel as far as we could see with good spy glasses[.] It was altogether the best and most splendid view I ever had of a prairie country.
This wide & boundless plain as it appeared lay beneath us decorated with flowers of every color and semed as the garden of nature & is a perfect contrast to the whole tract of land from there to Winter Quarters which lies like the rolling waves of a troubled ocean while the streams will always bog animals when they get into them which is but seldom that they can so deep & inaccessible are their waters to approach.
We now started for home where we arrived at 1 oclock P. M.
I attended the council & Had the subject up for procuring means for the police from the brethren on the other side of the river. This matter had been before Br Hyde & he approved of it.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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