Mormon History, Oct 19, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Tuesday Oct 19th 1847. Fine pleasant morning but cold. Baided our horses till seven and went on in pursuit of the hunters whom we found after travelling some twelve miles, about ten oclock near the Bluffs.
They had already killed all the Buffalos they wanted or at least as many as they could draw home and was now on their way to camp having gone about half a mile when they discovered us afar off. We saw them at about the same time & made towards them full speed. They not knowing what to think of us, not expecting to meet us, they naturally supposed us to be indians and prepared for battle which we saw and thereby knew them to be whites for whet through the evolations of the whites and not indians.
We took this advantage of them and charged on them who kept in excellent order for an onset. But as we drew near they recognized us to be whites which still was the more strange to them. They kept good order untill we got within a few rods of them when Amasa Lyman recognising me broke ranks & ran to me calling me by name which broke the charmall now knew me & several of the rest.
Insted of a battle we had another meeting such as we had yesterday and such as is not to be realized only by friends under the same circumstances.several of the brethren went back with us to the place which they camped last night, while the rest went on with the waggon to the main camp.
We there took breakfast, which was served by Elder Wilford Woodruff in pure Mountaineer style, consisting of roasted buffalo ribs.
This I believe was the first pure hunters meal I ever eat. It is supprising how much we could eat at one single meal. Whilest we were very hungry we would eat the meat almost raw which had a good relish.
After breakfast was over we traveled being now about 20 miles from the main camp. We walked & rode alternately with those who had no horses. We traveled hard all day stopping a short time to dine.and arrived in camp about an hour after dark and found all well.
Several had went over the river today to kill some buffalo which were in sight & some of my company killed a fat cow which bountifully supplied us home.
We were about all over done when we arrived in camp & I was very sick with the head ache
The whiskey which we had brought along as well as everything else was given over to the order of the President, who treated us when we came in[.] It came welcome to the pioneers.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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