Mormon History, Oct 13, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Wednesday Oct 13th 1847. High wind rose in the night but pleasant at sun rise. Started at 9 and traveled 6 miles to the old Pawnee Station on Plumb Creek which is now in ruins except w or three houses[.] There is some cornfields here about one mile further is the new Station â€" Several Houses & a fort partly finished Here was a large quantity of government property[.] But all was in ruins by the hands of the Souix who had latly destroyed everything which was of much value. Not far from here towards the river is the ruins of an old village which was destroyed by the Souix on the same day that Joseph & Hyrum were slain
The Souix ordered the Missionaries away this summer & have forbid the whites raising any more corn North of the Platte for the Pawneesone mile further we crossed Ash Creek and one & half miles further we came to the Loup Fork which is in all respects similar to the Main Platte. This is at another old Pawnee village. There is several of their Houses & some fences yet standing[.] The land here is very rich
One & a half miles further we came to Cedar Creek 8 rods wide and 2 feet deep a very pretty & sandy Bedded stream.
The land here is changeable. Now we traveled on level prairie and green grass then turn short to the Platte & over deep ravines & High level lands.untill we came to another old Pawnee village which was now entirely destroyed when we decended down a steep hill and crossed another stream & there encamped. We traveled today about 24 miles. We saw the first Deer & Atelope to day
On this Bottom is the remains of old corn fields & dirt fences & is I suppose an old Missionary station. We killed some geese & chickens today. Cold windy & disagreeable today. Very cold night & a hard white frost

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]
[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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