Mormon History, Oct 14, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Thursday Oct 14th 1847. Clear fine morning but cold & frosty. We started at 9 oclock & only went about one mile when W. Meeks & L. Nickerson each killed a fine deer which detained us about one hour in dressing them. They came very seasonable for we needed them
We then traveled on six miles to the Upper Ford of the Loup Fork. Just before we came to the Ford we saw a red flag waving a little above ground and not knowing what it ment we proceeded cautiously up to it & found a late indian encampment an why they left the flag I never learned
While drawing near the ford we discovered a white man on the other side of the river which was soon followed by a long train of waggons which we soon knew to be brethrenso we drew up in order & fired a Salute to them which gave them to know who we were[.] We then went on & met in the platte. Out meeting of course was joyful for we now got to hear from the Valley.
This was but a portion of the pioneers who had been sent ahead with the ox teams to lay up Buffalo meat for the company who were to follow in a short time.
But instead of doing so they proceeded on & were now out of the Buffalo county leaving those who were to follow to shift for themselves. They informed us that the President and in fact all those who were behind were attacted by the Souix & robbed of some Eighty horses.
They sent on for this company to stop but they did not
They also said that we would meet them in 40 miles unless they had gone back to the Valley after loosing their animals. Thus deserting them all in this time of trouble. Those who bore the rule in this contemptable act of leaving the the Twelve & so many of our Brethren robbed of their Horses in the Black Hills were John Pack & William Clayton with some more to back them up. The main body of this camp were true and faithful Saints and viewed this treacherous act in its true light.
This is their own story and you may immagine our feeling of joy, anger & supprise on meeting them and recieving this intelligence. We all came back & encamped togeather to night.& I sent back to President Cutler a report verbal by Pack who promised to deliver it but did not.
We borrowed several buffalo robes of the Pioneers which added to what we had made us comfortable of nights
They said the United States troops were about Grand island which caused our suspicions increase that some trickery was afoot & we sent back word accordingly
This company of the pioneers were all in good health & spirits

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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