Mormon History, Oct 18, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Monday Oct 18th 1847. All was well only we were all very cold and disagreeable. We started about ten oclock & very soon come in contact with another Buffalo which we pursued & had a long race through a Dog village which is very dangerous to horses on account of the numerous holes in the ground[.] This village is 5 or 6 miles long & very wide
Very soon after we left our buffalo chace and returned to the road we discovered some body on ahead which soon proved to be the pioneers who were strung along the road some on foot & some a Horse back for three or four miles
We formed in line at open distance with our two waggons in the centre and met them making a formadable appearance at a distance. We marched fast passing many who did not know us untill we met the Twelve when we halted & every man ran to greet his friends.
It is useless for me to attempt to describe this meeting. The whole of us was in a perfect extacy of joy & gladness. They were worn down with fatigue and hunger with many an anxious thought on home and the welfare of their families & the church. Many of their animals had to be lifted up every time they laid down.
As for us we had only one feeling now. All our anxiety & care was gone. In the midst of our brethren all our care and responsibility was gonewe gave ourselves up to the enjoyment of meeting & being with them. All was well & we had only to tell them that we was ready to assist them to any thing we had.
The President said it was more joy more satisfaction to meet us than a company of angels for they heard from their families & we from the valley.
After our meeting was over we all went on with them & encamped within one mile of the place we staid last night.
About dark Thos Woolsey came in from those who were on a buffalo hunt & reported that he saw 500 Pawnee Lodges erected on Grand island and that he thought the hunters were in great danger from them. Whereupon President Young sent me with five other men to give them notice & tell them to hasten to the Company. Accordingly we set out about dark & went to Buffalo Creek & put up for the night[.] It was now 11 oclock.
Here we staid without much grass for our horses and no water untill morning. We traveled about fifteen miles tonight.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]
[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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