Mormon History, Nov 3, 1847

[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve] Nov[ember]. 3. 1847 " past 10 A.M. Meeting of the Twelve in Pres[iden]t. Young s house.
Present[:] Pres[iden]t. B[righam]. Young, G[eorge]. A. Smith, E[zra]. T. Benson, A[masa].
Lyman, W[ilford]. Woodruff., O[rson]. Pratt, H[eber]. C. Kimball, John S. Fulmer, Phinehas Young, T[homas]. Bullock.
Phinehas Young related an account of his return to Winter Quarters-& [his] visit with the Pawnees-[and about] Buffalos, Wolves, &c.
[A]t 11" A.M. Bishop [Newell K.] Whitney arrived, also J[esse]. C. Little-[A]t 20 min[utes]: past 11. W[illard]. Richards [came]-[A]t " past Joseph Young [arrived].
The Temple plate was exhibited. [T]hen conversation on the Gun Cotton-12 Grains a charge-also on the "Air Gun- "
John S. Fulmer was called for the Nauvoo news. [He] sho[ul]d. have been here bef[ore].:
Perhaps the Council have given us sufficient liberty to leave-[W]e prolonged till O[rson]. Hyde came-[N]ow the Temple is not to be sold[;] there s nothing worth waiting for-[B]r Neff s Mortgage can be foreclosed-I presume the Temple will be sold-[T]here are some debts to be p[ai]d. bef[ore]. many can get awa[y]-[I]t has been reported that the Temple was sold-
B. Young[: I]f that Temple is sold it will cause much dissatisfation to many.
Fulmer-[W]e understand it was to be sold until the last letter came-[T]here are some poor families who cant get awa[y] without help-W[illia]m. Symes, Mrs. Sherman-Robinson-& some doz[en] families-all the time a crowd-[W]e had to make an equal distribution-[B]r. Heywood & myself want a rig of a team or two-[M]any look to bro Babbit to assist them-[W]e have many times failed a few powers of Attorney yet on hand, Log Buildings [have] all [been] burnt-[It is] a perfect waste & [a] desolate place-[The w]indows [are] all torn out[;] perfect licence is taken to destroy all Church property-[W]e are perfectly case hardened-[There is] considerable religion there-several Missionaries there-the Catholics have the 70 hall, [and] Parleys house, the Priest lives in-[T]he Catholics & Methodists want [the] Temple-
B. Young[:] We ve got to leave the Temple, yet the Lord will preserve it-
N K Whitney[:] The Lord will take out a writ of error one of these days-
Fulmer[: W]e would only get [$]20 or [$]30,000 for it-about the price of a College.
B. Young[:] " wo[ul]d. motion /if it co[ul]d be coun[te]d. as [?] on my [?]/ that the Tr[ust]ees with all their books come from there /nauvoo & go immediately over the mountains/ with the property we need-[L]eave it in the hands of the Lord, & we go over the mountains-while (not put)
N K Whitney[: W]e ve borrowed [$]100. to pay for the 24 boxes-[with] no advices from Babbitt advising us what was in it-[A] mess of worthless rubbish [was] with it-
Fulmer-J[ohn]. Taylor sent for his books to come by land-[W]e sent them to bro. Felt at St. Louis-who shipt them up to the Point.
N K W.[: A]ll we heard was a letter from Beach & Eddy.
B. Young[: A]ll /our/ presses are gone then-Fulmer, we realized 700 on those presses-
[A]ll the Library was sent-
G. A. Smith-[I]f the Stone tools are sold-we lose the avails-& when we want new ones we shall be short of means-
Fulmer-[W]e have 10 or [a] Doz[en] Law Suits-I do bel[ieve]. that bro Babbitt has done well-[H]e has kicked a Strangits arse-
Young[:] "H]e ought to have his sins for 6 months forgiven for that"-
Fulmer-Babbitt reported that he had a mission to sell [the] Kirtland Temple & Nauvoo Temple-[W]e tho[ugh]t. best to make a title to bro McBride. [We] instructed bro Babbit not to record it until [it was] sold-then record [it], & make a title-[W]hen he returned he had recorded it-& anot[he]r. [was] made to Lawyer Edmonds-[T]hey went to New York as Church Agents- but could not sell it-[B]r. Heywood has written to the Recorder but rec[orde]d. no ans[we]r.-[W]e thot he (Babbit) had transcended his duties & powers. I do not lay it as a complaint but to clear ourselves.
O. Pratt[:] " motion that the Trustees gather up all the books & papers /& Church/ pertaining to [the] Church affairs in Nauvoo as they can get hold of, & as many of the /poor/ Saints /as they can/ as the soon as they can & go over the mountains that they gather up to this place /with as much Church property as they can/ & be ready to start with the Spring Emigration." [S]ec[onde]d. by H. C. Kimball-[the] vote [was] carried unanimously-[S]ee that Edmunds deeds the Kirtland Temple back to the Trustees.
Fulmer-O. Hyde at Nauvoo-br Heywood told him [of] his affairs-O. H. told him to foreclose the Mortage on the arsenal & appropriate [$]1,000-
Smith[: I]t wo[ul]d. be a matter between br. Hyde, Heywood & Neff-
Young[:] I would rather it stand as it is.-I have no objection.
B Young[:] I told br: Babbitt last fall to leave Nauvoo, & say Good bye Babylon, let the dead bury their dead.
B. Young enquired if there was any objection for me, to sending for the carriage at Nauvoo., a proper Stage Coach.
H. C. Kimball[:] I am willing you should have it-W. Richards[: S]o am I. H. C. Kimball[:] "I motion that bro Brigham have the carriage."-O Pratt & W Richards[:] "I second it"-[A]ll voted unanimously-
Pres[iden]t. Young then exhibited the plan of "the Great Salt Lake City" to Bishop Whitney & Fulmer-& gave a description of the road to the Valley-
B. Young[:] I think [it] best for bro Little to take charge of the Churches, & get the Saints off as fast as he can.
H. C. Kimball[:] I think [it] best for bro Appleby to get into the Valley as he is troubled with the Slow fever-
G. A. Smith[:] "I move that brother Little receive letters /of instructions/ to the Eastern Churches & continue to superintend the affairs there-& call that such men to his assistance as he needs."-O Pratt seconded-& [the motion was] carried.
E. T. Benson motions that brother John Brown have similar letters to go to Mississippi with, as bro, Little has-
B. Young[:] I am willing-
ET. H. C. Kimball[:] I motion that brother /Matthew/ Ivory have a recommend as a pioneer, gather up his effects a faithful man, & to hearken to his advice, then gather up & come on-A. Lyman sec[onde]d: & [the motion was] carried.
G. A. Smith motioned an adjournment, A Lyman sec[onde]d., & [it was] carried. /must say/ B. Young[: Let us] adjourn to this place at 10 oclock on Friday morning.

[source: Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]
[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]

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