Mormon History, Oct 17, 1847

[Hosea Stout Diary] Sunday Oct 17th 1847. All was well this morning. Cold south wind. Went back to the Platte to get our breakfasts & bait our horses on the rushes
Started at 9 oclock and traveled a few miles & discovered a buffalo on the level plain. Four of us pursuid him[.] Had a fine race. None of us knew anything the quaities of one & supposing it to be very fat we fired on him & killed him but when Br Potter & Glines came up they told us he was too poor to be eat which we did not believe untill we opened him. After satisfying our courosity with him we went on a few miles further & saw another. This we soon found to be worse than the other so we satisfied our curiosity by running him and seeing his manouvers which was very interesting to us & then we let him go & we pushed on our journey, & came to a dog village a thing so much said & wrote about. As I had heard we found them on their posts looking for whatever might come to injure them & giving notice to the rest by a sharp bark & running from borough to borough in a few moments the entire village was apprized of our approach
The village was miles in extent and consists of thousands of these little republicans. Here we found the owl & rattle snake boroughed with them[.] These villages is very common after this.
We saw drove of antelope today. We traveled on till 2 oclock P. M. and turned to the river to bait & refreshstaid one hour & went on untill sundown and encamped at the mouth of a large ravine on the river our animals was very tired tonight having traveled 25 miles today. Cold North wind all night.slept in the high grass in the ravine to shield them from the wind.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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