Mormon History, Sep 9, 1838

-- Sep 9, 1838
[Missouri War] Excitement in upper counties continues as Mormons capture three men attempting to transport guns to vigilantes in Daviess County. Mormons and Missourians petition Judge King to quell the disturbances. (1)

-- Sep 10, 1838
[Missouri War] Judge King orders General Atchison to raise four hundred troops and disperse the Mormons and non-Mormon vigilantes. (1)

-- Sep 12, 1838
Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith received a report that citizens from Daviess County, Missouri, sent a letter to the governor, Lilburn W. Boggs, filled with lies and falsehoods about the Saints in Missouri. (2)

-- Sep 13, 1838
[Missouri War] Carroll vigilantes postpone assault on DeWitt and march to Daviess to assist settlers against the Mormons. (1)

-- mid Sep 1838
Dr. Austin Carroll led a mob of 200-300. General Atchison ordered 500 militia to quell disturbance and intervenes between the mob and the Mormons. (3)

-- Sep 18, 1838
Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith was at home with illness when Lilburn W. Boggs, governor of Missouri, issued orders to General David W. Atchison of the state militia to march into Daviess and Caldwell Counties in Missouri and assist in the apprehension of certain Church leaders. (2)

[Missouri War] After receiving reports of disturbances, Governor Boggs orders out two thousand troops and prepares to lead march to western Missouri. (1)

-- Sep 20, 1838
[Missouri War] Atchison disperses vigilantes in Daviess County and leaves one hundred troops under General Parks to maintain peace. (1)

-- Sep 21, 1838
[Missouri War] Carroll County vigilantes, returning from Daviess, resolve to expel the Saints from DeWitt. (1)

-- Sep 24, 1838
Joseph and Lyman Wight are arrested and freed on bail pending grand jury results. (4)

[Missouri War] Governor Boggs receives letter from Atchison stating that vigilantes in Daviess have dispersed. Boggs dismisses troops and returns to Jefferson City. (1)

-- Sep 25, 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] Don Carlos Smith and George A. Smith leave on a mission to Kentucky and Tennessee to raise funds for the struggling Saints in Missouri. (5)

-- Sep 26, 1838
Far West, Missouri. A committee of the Church related to Joseph Smith that they had entered into an agreement with a mob to purchase the lands of all of those citizens wishing to leave Daviess County. (2)

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