Mormon History, Oct 24, 1838

-- Oct 24, 1838
Hyde, Orson: Signed affidavit against Joseph Smith 24 October 1838. (1)

Apostles Thomas B. Marsh and Orson Hyde prepare an affidavit against Joseph Smith for destroying non-Mormon property through Danire operatives. (2)

Apostles Thomas B. Marsh and Orson Hyde, also disaffected from the church, sign an affidavit claiming that Joseph Smith was trying to take over the world and was using the Danites to murder people. They submit the affidavit to authorities in Richmond, Missouri. (3)

[Missouri War] Apostles Thomas B. Marsh and Orson Hyde sign affidavits in Ray County describing Mormon activities. Ray committee returns from Daviess with similar reports of depredations. Capt. Samuel Bogart calls out Ray troops to prevent invasion by Mormons. (4)

[Missouri War] Bogart and his troops harass Mormon settlers in Ray and Caldwell counties. They capture two Mormon spies and threaten to execute them. (4)

Patten, David Wyman: Authorized to lead body of Caldwell County militia to rescue kidnaped Mormons in Ray County, Missouri, 24 October 1838. (1)

-- Oct 25, 1838
Battle of Crooked River, between Missouri State militia and Saints. David W. Patten, apostle, slain. (5)

Battle of Crooked River: David W. Patten killed. Rev. Bogart's men fire on friends who came to rescue Seeley; Seeley placed in front of Bogart's men; order to fire was given, Seeley shot in shoulder by Bogart man; friends took him to his family; 4 months confinement to recover. (Mormon Redress, xxxii) Rumors circulate in Richmond that the town will be "sacked and burned by the Mormon banditti tonight." (6)

Log Creek near Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith attended to Elder David W. Patten just after he received a fatal gunshot wound at the battle of Crooked River. (7)

[Joseph Smith] Apostle David W. Patten is killed while leading Danites against the Missouri militia in the "Battle of Crooked River." Apostle Parley P. Pratt kills a militiaman, and wounds another who (while unconscious on the ground) is mutilated by enraged Danites. (2)

[Joseph Smith] The Battle of Crooked River occurs as a unit of Mormon Militia fight against Missouri State Militia. Sixteen are wounded, and 4 die from their wounds, including Apostle David W. Patten. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Mormon militia attacked volunteers from Ray County, Missouri, who had kidnapped Latter-day Saints. Two Latter-day Saints, their guide, and one citizen of Ray County were killed at Crooked River, unorganized territory attached to Ray County. (8)

[Lucy Mack Smith] David Patten, President of the Twelve, shot and killed at Crooked River. (9)

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