Mormon History, Oct 18, 1838

-- Oct 18, 1838
Apostle David W. Patten, known by his Danite title "Captain Fearnought," descends on Gallatin, Missouri with a large contingent of Mormons and, after plundering the small village, burns most of it to the ground. Then the marauders pillage the Daviess County countryside, depositing their spoils, which they term "consecrated property," in the bishop's storehouse at Diahman. (1)

[Missouri War] General Parks visits Mormons and Missourians in Daviess. Parks discovers that civil war has broken out and declares that Mormons are now the aggressors. (2)

[Missouri War] Mormon soldiers attack Gallatin, Millport, and other settlements in Daviess, driving non-Mormon settlers from their homes, plundering, and burning. Missourians retaliate. (2)

-- Oct 18, 1838-21
[Joseph Smith] Mormon forces plundered and burned residences and businesses of perceived opponents and communities supportive of anti-Mormon vigilantes, Daviess County. (3)

-- Oct 19, 1838
Apostle Thomas B. Marsh, angry with Joseph Smith, leaves the church. (4)

William Clayton Quits clerking job at Bashall's textile factory and becomes a full-time missionary for the LDS church. (5)

-- Oct 22, 1838
[Missouri War] Mormon troops return to Far West after driving nearly all non-Mormons from Daviess. (2)

-- Oct 23, 1838
[Rev. Samuel Bogart to Major General David R. Atchison:] The Mormons have burnt Gallatin and Mill Port, and have ravaged Daviess county ... and they have threatened to burn Buncombe and Elk Horn and have been seen near and on the line between Ray and Caldwell." Bogart will patrol the line between Ray and Caldwell counties. [Atchison immediately replies:] You are hereby ordered to range the line between Caldwell and Ray counties with your company of volunteers, and prevent, if possible, any invasion of Ray county by persons in arms whatever ... [and] inquire into the state of things in Daviess county ... (6)

[Joseph Smith] Albert P. Rockwood writes, "the Mob disperse by hundreds on the approach of the Danites (Brethren)." (7)

[Joseph Smith] Under the pretense that the Mormon militia looted and burned property in Daviess County to disperse the mobs, General Atchison authorizes local groups to patrol the border of Ray County and Caldwell County. (4)

-- (Wed) Oct 24, 1838
Apostles Orson Hyde and Thomas B. Marsh left Far West, meet with Gentiles, and sign affidavits saying that Joseph Smith was plotting to take over the state of Missouri, and eventually the U.S. Other Mormons leaving or being forced out of the Church included: John Corrill, Reed Beck, John Clemeson, William W. Phelps, Sampson Avard and George M. Hinkle [Allen Joseph Stout]. (8)

-- Oct 24, 1838
Bogart's militia "patrol" along Log and Long Creeks in southern Caldwell county, intimidating Mormons and allegedly stealing and destroying property under the pretense of searching for weapons to confiscate. (6)

Thomas B. Marsh, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, having fled the violence in Daviess and Caldwell counties, testifies in Richmond, Ray county, that a company of Mormons under Apostle David Patten had burned Gallatin, that Danites planned to burn Buncombe and perhaps Liberty and Richmond; that Joseph believes his prophecies are superior to the laws of the land, and so forth. Orson Hyde states he knows most of Marsh's statements to be true and believes the rest. William Seeley: Went to Bunkham's Strip on business; was captured by about 15 armed men, strip searched, thrown out of doors, dragged over a panel of fence, and kicked when he said he was a Mormon. Marched to Samuel Bogart's company of about 75, where volunteers who had joined the company, chanted "Put him to death." (6)

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