Mormon History, Nov 28, 1838

-- Nov 28, 1838
Joseph Smith and others are incarcerated in Liberty Jail, Missouri. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, Caleb Baldwin, and Alexander McRae are ordered to the jail in Liberty, Clay County; Parley P. Pratt, Morris Phelps, Luman Gibbs, Darwin Chase, and Norman Shearer are retained in the Richmond jail. The remaining 19 are released or allowed release on bail. (2)

-- Nov 29, 1838
Richmond, Missouri. After being abused and enduring an unjust hearing, Joseph Smith and five of the other brethren were committed to Liberty Jail in Liberty, Missouri, by Judge Austin A. King. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Ordered bound over for trial in Daviess County for treason and other charges. (4)

-- Nov 30, 1838
Joseph and his fellow prisoners are taken to Liberty jail. (5)

-- about Nov 30, 1838
Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith and five other brethren were en route to Liberty Jail. (3)

-- During Nov 1838
Church leaders are arrested. Joseph is imprisoned in Liberty Jail. Emma visits him three times: 8 December 1838; 20 December 1838; and 21 January 1839. (6)

-- During Nov. 1838
Sidney Rigdon: Narrowly avoided execution by Missouri militia Nov. 1838 for treason (7)

-- During November 1838
Lyman, Amasa Mason: Arrested November 1838 for treason, and other charges. No conviction. (8)

Miller, George: Residing in McDonough County, Illinois, near Macomb, November 1838. Owned 300 acres of land as well as hogs and cattle. (8)

Partridge, Edward: Arrested and incarcerated November 1838 for treason. No conviction. (8)

Pratt, Parley Parker: Arrested for murder and treason November 1838. (8)

Pratt, Parley Parker: Incarcerated in Richmond and Columbia, Missouri, November 1838-July 1839. No conviction. (8)

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