Mormon History, Oct 4, 1838

-- Oct 4, 1838
Thomas B Marsh: Possibly initiated as Danite before his affidavit 24 Oct. 1838 against their pillaging (1)

Thomas B Marsh: Signed affidavit 24 Oct. 1838 against Danites and Joseph Smith Jr. - wrote the next day that he had left the church "for conscience sake fully believing that God is not with them" (1)

-- Oct 5, 1838
While checking sites for a town in Caldwell county, Joseph learns that DeWitt is under siege. (2)

David W Patten Death: 25 Oct. 1838, near Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri , Estate: No record (1)

Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith was interrupted on his journey to lower Caldwell County, Missouri, when some brethren from De Witt, Missouri, told him that the Saints in De Witt were in danger. (3)

-- Oct 5, 1838-14
[Joseph Smith] Led rescue company to defend besieged Latter-day Saints at De Witt, Carroll County, Missouri; assisted with evacuation and migration to Far West. (4)

-- (Sat) Oct 6, 1838
Joseph Smith arrived at DeWitt, and sent a request to the Governor for help. (5)

-- Oct 6, 1838
De Witt, Missouri. Joseph Smith arrived in De Witt and found the Saints surrounded by an armed mob. (3)

[Missouri War] General Parks arrives in DeWitt with one hundred troops to quell disturbances. Anti-Mormon spirit among troops forces Parks to return to Ray County a few days later. (6)

-- Oct 8, 1838
[Wilford Woodruff] Begins trek from Maine to mid-west for ordination and instructions (7)

-- (Tue) Oct 9, 1838
Governor Boggs refused to help the Mormons settlers at DeWitt. (5)

-- Oct 9, 1838
De Witt, Missouri. An armed mob held the Saints in De Witt under siege for a period of days, during which time Joseph Smith saw several of the brethren die from starvation. (3)

[Missouri War] Messenger reports to Mormons that the governor said they must rely on local authorities for protection. He will not intervene. (6)

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