Mormon History, Dec 10, 1838

-- Dec 10, 1838
[Joseph Smith] A committee of Edward Partridge, Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, Theodore Turley, Brigham Young, Isaac Morley, George W. Harris, John Murdock, and John M. Burk draft a petition to the state legislature detailing the Mormon side of the conflict. (1)

-- Dec 13, 1838
Brigham Young presides over high council meeting. Brethren share testimonies, express confidence in the faith. Four vacancies filled. (2)

Higbee, Elias: Left Far West for Illinois before 13 December 1838. (3)

-- Dec 16, 1838
Joseph writes letter of encouragement to the church, condemning apostates and turncoats, denying charges leveled against him, and admonishing the Saints to remain steadfast and faithful. (2)

Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter of comfort to the Saints from Liberty Jail. (4)

-- Dec 17, 1838
In Jefferson City, David H. Redfield presents petition to General Atchison and others, meets with Governor Boggs, urges legislation to right the wrongs inflicted on the Mormons. (2)

[Joseph Smith] The petition is delivered to the state legislature by David H. Redfield, who also meet with General Atchison, Governor Boggs, and others. (1)

-- Dec 19, 1838
High council meets in Far West and votes to ordain John E. Page and John Taylor apostles. Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball ordain them. In Jefferson City, Representative John Corrill presents the Mormon petition to the House of Representatives. Heated debate ensues. (2)

[Joseph Smith] John Taylor (hereafter Taylor) is ordained an apostle as the first English-born General Authority and first non-U.S. member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. (5)

[Joseph Smith] John Taylor and John E. Page are ordained apostles and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (1)

Taylor, John: Ordained apostle 19 December 1838 in Far West, Missouri. (3)

-- Dec 20, 1838
Liberty, Missouri. Emma Smith visited her husband, Joseph Smith, in Liberty Jail. (4)

-- Dec 25, 1838
Joseph's brother, Don Carlos, and cousin George A. Smith return from missions in Kentucky and Tennessee. "When nearly home they were known and pursued by the mob, which compelled them to travel one hundred miles in two days and nights. The ground at the time was slippery, and a severe northwest wind was blowing in their faces; they had but little to eat, and narrowly escaped freezing both nights." (2)

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