Mormon History, October 1838

-- During October 1838
Marsh, Thomas Baldwin: Signed affidavit against Joseph Smith October 1838. (1)

Smith, Samuel Harrison: Participated in Battle of Crooked River October 1838. (1)

-- During fall of 1838
Marsh, Thomas Baldwin: Became disaffected in fall of 1838. (1)

Taylor, John: Moved to Missouri in fall of 1838. (1)

Whitney, Newel Kimball: Left for Missouri in fall of 1838. Reached St. Louis; there learned of extermination order. (1)

-- (Thr) Nov 1, 1838
Doniphan (who had been secretly retained as Smith's lawyer) refuses to shoot the men. They are held in custody while the militia enters Far West, disarms the Mormons, capture Hyrum Smith, and loot much of the Mormon property there. The next day the captives leave in wagons, bound for Independence, 60 miles away. (2)

-- Nov 1, 1838
Hyrum Smith and Amasa Lyman brought into militia camp as prisoners. Court martial sentences prisoners to be shot, but General Doniphan refuses to carry out the order. Caldwell county militia (Mormon) surrenders arms to General Lucas. State militia plunders Far West. "About eighty" men taken prisoner. (3)

Joseph Smith, Jun., and others condemned to be shot. Far West plundered. (4)

Goose Creek Camp, Caldwell County, Missouri. Officers of the Missouri militia held a courts martial and sentenced Joseph Smith, his brother Hyrum Smith, and others to be shot at 9:00 a.m. that morning, but General Alexander W. Doniphan refused to execute the sentence. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Mormon leaders are taken into custody and declared responsible for the violence and destruction of the conflict. (6)

[Joseph Smith] Sentenced to death by military court. Execution prevented by opposition of Brigadier General Alexander Doniphan, Goose Creek camp, Rockford Township, Caldwell County. (7)

[Joseph Smith] Sentenced to death; General Alexander W. Doniphan prevents execution. (8)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph, Hyrum, and others sentenced to be shot. Doniphan intervenes. (9)

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